Whisky Review 107: Hennessy Richard

What an incredible Cognac to Celebrate with for our Christmas Review. This is Hennessy’s flagship product and it contains cognac over 100 years old. A true rare gem that not only comes in a very fancy bottle but the liquid also matches ones expectations.


Whisky In The 6 says:

Crazy gentlemen. The best cognac I’ve ever tasted was the Henny Paradis.

Keith Petersen says:

MR, I’ve not explored the Cognac expressions, but this sounds delicious. I did however buy my first Armagnac which was the Delord Armagnac 25 for $56… It was interesting and I’m sure it will get better over time. Another great review guys.

rballenger7 says:

Blondie looks like he is havin an orgasm

Kevin Stillwell says:

Hennessy is so good, even the vsop has the blueberry notes. Thanks for reviewing this cognac!

JasonWhiskyWise says:

Welcome back guys and hope you had a Merry Christmas as it looked good with the Richard, love my Cognacs too. Awesome review guys and have a Happy New Year!

BroskyWhoDatedHoski BroskyWhoDatedHoski says:

hate to see the dude on the left eat his gf.

Jason Voorheese says:

its sooo red. seeing you guys back is like a present, in itself

odvs1408 _ says:

Awesome review guys!!! Gotta get me a few bottles win I win the lottery.

VaryingViewpoint says:

Great review! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

cato says:

Hey yes, merry Xmas guys. I’m moving through the MOM premium advent calendar today. Fun stuff. Cheers!

Рмроо Пппнгг says:

Nice review! Thanks! Have you tried Tesseron 29?

lbsoherewego says:

Happy New year guys!

Max's Cognac Review says:

Nice man, beautiful bottle! Cheers !

Triplecap says:

Merry Christmas guys – love that you are back.!

Whisky In The 6 says:

Merry Christmas, happy new year to the both of you.

BigRudeAwakening says:

Ive never seen some one nose a dram that hard bro! You molested the shit outta it! Lol cheers and marry christmass

Karl Dunne says:

First thing i thought when you mentioned the $4,000 price tag!!. was that you are the guys who should review it!!!!!!…you guys are so ACCURATE!!!…..Cheers!! ..Happy Christmas@!…..

Chasing Classic Whiskies says:

I love cognac…, nice review for the holidays fellas. Merry Xmas

Zoltán Dani says:

My christmas dram was a Highland Park 25&30 duo from the tasting set ^^ Actually, for me, aside from almost all the reviews on the Internet…the 30 was a little bit better. Definitely better on the nose, and a little bit better taste. 🙂 Merry Christmas to you guys and keep up with the great reviews!

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