whisky review 318 – Maxime Trijol XO Cognac

. . . for when the steadfast whisky fan is looking for a change of direction !


henri Henry says:

brandy can basically be any wine-spirit and produced in may different forms or places, cognac and armagnac on the other hand are much more controlled and regulated…. hate to burst a bubble here but “1973” is not a age statement 😉 aldi probably sells a 6yo napoleon, which is made from any 1973 Bordeaux undrinkable(bad) wines, but can make great spirits.

nbs90 says:

Thanks have been waiting for a long time on this 🙂

alaack47 says:

courvoisier vsop, hennessey vsop, remy martin vsop, or remy martin 1738? im looking for one that has a bit of sweetness, but isnt too old that it isnt too woody. more specifically, not too dry, retaining some of the grape eau di vies flavor (not being overloaded with wood) … those are the only cognacs available in my area … thanks!!

H Speight says:

I recently bought a small bottle of Ampleforth Apple Brandy and have to say “what a pleasant tipple” Exceptional nose, full and thick on the palate, it may be worthwhile for you to give it a whirl Ralfy?

Spencer Max says:

E150a, now there’s food for thought. They are that crafty?

Dankzzz says:

Ralfy try to get hold of a Prunier cognac. Beautiful complex stuff origined also only from distilled and matured long, with no additives.

Peter Parker Piper says:

Discovered an old bottle of Calvados at my grandmothers, we both had a nip, quite an experiance! Maybe you could review a modern one?

Alexandre leclercq says:

What a joke !!! your describes so many flavors that it’s impossible to find them in this cognac, like the banana one, or some other else. Also this Cognac has absolutely no colorant, caramel, or whatsoever inside.

I would like to point some facts :
– 1st : being a cognac taster mean you don’t have to drink or swirl in your mouth the cognac, but you have to chew it for 10 secondes. Then you will swallow it. The retro olfaction will provide the flavors and aromas.

– 2nd : this cognac doesn’t have ANY additives inside (caramel, E150 or whatsoever), it’s 100% aged in oak barrels, carefully selected by the provenance of the wood.

– 3rd : if you are familiar with some additives used for some beverages or spirits, you should know that the quantity who can be add to some “beverage” will not have any aromas or flavors. The reason is because the use it as a color maker, nothing else. Which mean the quantity is so little that can’t provide any “taste”. Expect for some carp products. And to precise another point, mostly all the big sodas companies used this E150x for their sodas. And pretty sure you never tasted it.

– 4th : when you taste cognac, you could find some “fancy” aromas or strange one. But the most important thing is to be able to describe the “density” of the Cognac. Does the cognac is fine, thick, linear, etc.. if it has too much acidity, or if the acidity is straight, angular, rough, souple, etc…
The structure is very important, more than some fancy aromas or flavors. Many people will be able to talk about those kind of aromas, but less about the structure.

– 5th : Maxime Trijol is a family business since 1859. At that time they instal the first pot still (Alambic Charentais).
Today, Maxime Trijol own 22 pot still, and they are still independent as a family business.

So when you talk about “obscur” distillers, you should be careful. Because some of them come to Maxime Trijol to do their distillation. Because of the 22 pot still. And no names will be provide.

So yes, we are introduce to the wine and spirit since the younger age. Not so much right now. But when it is your culture, your passion and your job, it’s a bit awful to hear this video.
I guess I have to take this video only like a personal impression about this cognac. I am guessing by the reviews I read below, that you are a whisky taster, which is far different than Cognac. And it seems by some reviews that your preference is more for some other houses.

And finally, the package doesn’t make the cognac. So you were right by saying that. Cognac drinkers, please do not follow the bottle shape. Because what’s inside is something else.
It’s like a book, don’t judge it by the cover.

Anyway, for my understanding of this cognac, it own a better rating than a 85. Especially when this cognac got a 93 by Ultimate Spirit Challenge – NY 2011, a Gold Medal – London 2011, and 2 silver medal at ISC London in 2005 & 2009.

1tepa1 says:

I am from Finland and inside our houses it is quite warm so no swirling around needed in my opinion if you aren’t drinking outside in the winter.

Debonair Extraordinaire says:

did you know Cognac & Armagnac (Gascony) were English territories for near on 300 years until 1453 ?

Alex K says:

Malt whisky = the beer cognac 😉

Red says:

I for one would like to see more brandy reviews.
I bought and cracked open a bottle of Speyburn 10yo with my old man today to celebrate father’s day.
Obviously he didn’t enjoy it since he said it tasted like some kind of solvent and can’t see why someone would enjoy this kind of stuff. On the bright side I got the bottle for myself.

kalm says:

thank you, i was waiting for this to happen !

ClarkyCool22 says:

LOVE the reviews Ralphy! will you review Hennessey XO? It is supposed to be amazing! Also have you tried Hennesey Fine de Cognac? Its an awesome cognac at around £35! Keep it up Ralphy! XD

ayedfy says:

Courvoisier. Everyone’s tastes are different of course but personally I find Hennessy and Remy Martin underwhelming, even at the XO level. Courvoisier (and Martell, if you can find it) are the better buys of the big four at that level.

luc137 says:

Is it not usual put fire on cognac?

fasterischead says:

It breaks my heart that Cognacs are frequently so overprocessed (I prefer to say that rather than “branded”). The only cask strength, unfiltered example I’ve found (the Daniel Bouji Royal) was magnificent – if only they could all be that way. Armagnac gives me a little more hope, since it’s not quite so corporate.

Also, you in fact do get Ugni Blanc still wines! It’s a big component in Cotes de Gascogne, and shows up pretty often in Italy as Trebbiano – where it’s occasionally excellent.

olafpayne says:

I store my whisky in a fairly cold cupboard and bringing them to room temperature with the warmth of my hand gives them time to react with the oxygen and makes them pleasantly sweeter and smoother on the plate. Peaty whiskys especially seem to respond well, at least to my own tastes.

mednos says:

What are your favorite spirits Ralfy? You reviewed many and tasted many more, what is your second favorite spirit after sinle malt scotch whisky?

Bobby Weiss says:

PS Pierre Ferrand Cognacs are delecious.

Bill Hartsfield says:

Would love to hear your thoughts on some of the more conventional brands. Not necessarily the ones everyone has had, like Hennesy, but Brands like Louis Royer and Dupuy?

ThinkTillDeath says:

Glittering salutations to you Ralfy – I wonder of you have had the good fortune to try any cognac by Tesseron? I had a small smattering of Lot 29, by said brand only last week, and by god, is was like nectar of the gods! As well you know cognacs are generally forbidden to brand age statements onto their products – well Tesseron judiciously dodge this peculiar restriction by marking their products with the decades they were distilled; and by this method Lot 29 Tesseron Cognac is from the 1920’s!

Millenia says:

Hey Ralfy, your mention of Finland at the start of the video made the think – have you tried our only whisky (Teerenpeli Single Malt 8yo)? Would be cool to hear your thoughts on it if you have tasted or are interested in trying it out some day.

Eric Goodemote says:

I was looking up E150a on Wikipedia, and I came across an interesting piece of trivia – for cognacs, E150b is preferred. I’m really curious now as to whether there’s a significant difference in flavor effects.

Also, have you encountered French whiskies Ralfy?

degmar says:

I just went to a whisky fest last week and there was a French whisky there – Bastille. Aged in new uncharred oak, cherry, and acacia casks. Loads of apricot, orange, etc. I think it’ll be a great summer whisky.

Have you heard of this one?

Bill Hartsfield says:

Also, a Calvados review would be very much appreciated. There is something very special about that Spirit.

Malt454 says:

For all the good advice you’ve tried to give whisky distillers to improve their products, I’ll bet these “alternative series” serve best to wake up the smartest of them – there are excellent alternatives to scotch and producers forget that only at their peril.

Daniel Hiller says:

Thanks for another great Ralfy-review. There’s a great word (Yiddish/German) to describe what you call “basic surround sound information” (@13:00): ‘Spiel’. It’s all the additional commentary that you do so well in your reviews, surrounding the basic tasting notes etc. i.e. the ‘Added-value’ stuff. Great stuff!

Bobby Weiss says:

Happy to see Cognac reviews. Cognac and Small Batch Bourbons are my favorite Spirits. Cheers!

tom roger says:

Rally , can you please one day review the Armenian Ararat Brandy

Ewoud Hofman says:

What I found even more telling is that they age the stuff for 15 to 18 years which generally get the XO mark. The label is a no fuss affair but I do suspect it has some coloring in it since it is such a deep golden copper.

Tasting notes do match the appearance though and your review inspired me to try drinking it from my Glencairn glass and it gave me a very different nose from my bigger cognac style glasses.

Will have to try another one (or more) to get some more experience with this spirit.

Dave Mustaine Hayvanı says:

Hi Ralfy,

Have you every tried Martell XO or Martell XO Supreme?

If so, how do you like it compared to this one?


jobimjobim says:

Eau de Vie is another fine part of the French spirit family. Have you tried any?

Matteo in 't Veld says:

i can listen to scots for hours

42ndbestnameever says:

Thank you, but I wasn’t looking for tips for myself; I was suggesting to Ralfy to make a video on the subject for the benefit of his viewers.

Ronagus says:

What do you think about spanish sherry brandy? Being a whisky fan it’s interesting to try them because of the sherry influence, resembling some notes found in scotches, but the ones I have tried so far have been good but too sweet and sherried in my opinion

golfguy777 says:

Have you tried Louis XIII by Remy Martin?

D.R. W says:

I agree with Bro – I’ve always wondered what you thought of Cognac. Thanks for doing this.

MrThatmeanguy1995 says:

have you ever tried Martell Cordon Bleu?

TheJohnnyboy2009 says:

Ralfy, what is your opinion of Remy Martin 1738 ?

noel monkey says:

No Hennessy not impressed ralfy 

Mr Haberdasher says:

Are you going to be reviewing any Brandy De Jerez? I mostly drank American or French brandies, but I recently tried a Spanish brandy and it was superb.

Ewoud Hofman says:

Cognac can be an excellent alternative for whisky now and then! Personally I was always a bit turned down by the bigger names and what they produced.

Until my local whisky shop recommended a cognac from a relatively small operation. It’s called Chateau Montifaud, and I buy the Napoleon version regularly because it is very fairly priced and really ticks all the boxes for me. No Remy Martin or Hennessy that i have tried compares.

The one i drink is the fine petite champagne version btw…

Chad Man says:

would you recommend hennessy xo or remy martin xo?

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