whisky review 319 – Cadenhead’s Maison Guerbe cask Cognac 8yo

. . . . quite simply a hidden gem of the spirits world.


chrish12345 says:

Ralf how many bottles did you have to get through before you found one this good?

Alexander Gill says:

I think it was a bug, a moth?

Docter Zaius says:

Sorry I am a bit of a newbie to your channel, I just looked and found that you have already done the Canadian reviews 107-110. Thanks a lot!

Frank Dtank says:

Hi Ralfy! Why are there no distilleries in the Scottish Borders region? Surely “The Melrose Malt”, or “Malt of The Mairches”, “The Mill Malt”, “Abbey Dram? Happy Dram!” “Coldstream Cask”, or even “Galashiels Gold” would work-up a storm. Seems like the perfectly peaceful setting for such an establishment.

Also, what’s your take on the standard Bruichladdich 12 year, 2nd Edition? Am dramming it now. Quality.


The Cognac Maniac™ says:

Thanks, Ralfy! I will keep this one in mind should I get the opportunity to visit the UK. I’m sure this boutique company is a hidden gem.

I would love to visit the Isle of Skye to take some scenic photos. Perhaps this would be a great opportunity to check out some whiskies in that region too!

501commander says:

Yes, I’m afraid I always suspected it was through illegitimate means. Unless you elaborate we will have to assume you fund your channel through criminal activity. If I had to hazard a guess I would say you are involved in the drugs industry, possibly crack cocaine.

XtRekon says:

Ralfy! Will you review a Tullibardine single malt in de next coming weeks/months? Never heard of it since this week, but the Tullibardine 1988 vintage is a pretty good whisky in my opinion. I could not find any Tullibardine on your channel, so that’s why I am asking.

Dankzzz says:

Is Maison Prunier the same Brand? No caramel or additives…

Devin Cross says:

He’s not English?

emmet gilgunn says:

thanks ralfy great review

laudrupli says:

Thanks for the malt mention Ralfy! Informative review as always

Henric Madsen says:

Ralfy, your review managed to drain Drambusters stock of this stuff!

nbs90 says:

I guess you are right, this is why I love your channel. Extremely helpful and not afraid of trying abit of odd thing for a malt drinker. Hope the channel will live to see a thousand reviews, because I know I will be here following you! 🙂

Øyvind Nilsen says:

We would love to see you review an aquavit/akvavit

needleineyeball says:

Hello Ralfy! First of all, thank you for your lessons! A question: what is your opinion on the Tomintoul 16 yo?

TheFinal88 says:

Actually think this guy’s losing the plot.

Alexandre leclercq says:

eau de cologne ? I guess you have any idea of what it does mean!!!!
sweet, bitter sweet, sour sweet. Great but at the end of the day, which “sweet” did you find ????

Freddie Slaughter says:

Unable to find this one, do you have another favorite?

AlexSchus says:

Poured myself a glass of Bain’s Cape Mountain Whisky while watching this. Love a good spirit. 😉

ronkadam says:

Ralfy, I’m looking for a unique Cognac to serve as an after-port digestif with my Christmas dinner. Considering that few of the guests have any real experience with spirits, what would you recommend?

501commander says:

How do you fund all these bottles?

alex luke says:

Hi Ralfy, have you ever heard of newest discovery, the distillery Rubin and they’re producing the amazing Vinjak XO, it is a small family business, nothing fancy, the most pricey is Vinjak XO which is the 40pounds at the most.

The French people say they are among the best 4 brandy producers in the world in terms of quality.

Best regards.

monkeyman202 says:

1:02 a rum-loving spider shooting up the left side of the screen???

vigil12348 says:

Hi Ralfy, how about a Calvados review? People often under-estimate the apple brandy, but if matured well in small casks it can be quite rewarding. Myself I consider it the one of the best affordable digestifs. Do you thnik about reviewing one of the better ones? Thanks.

Dankzzz says:

Oh forgot, Maison and Prunier is the same Stuff. Great Stuff with no additives. Bache pure and Rustic is also great, and cheap.

Majoofi says:

They didn’t make enough of that even for all your viewers

Kian O Hara says:

Tried this last night, really enjoyed it. Will be looking to buy a few more cognacs in the not too distant future. Already got my eyes on a Ragnaud Sabourin No 20 sounds like a good one…..

NiceyNiceGuyMike says:

What is that on the left side of the screen at 1m03s

mhellden says:

Lapsang is my favorite tea, cannot live without it…. Does that mean I have to try this Cognac ?

Kian O Hara says:

Never been a cognac fan, probably because I have only drank poor expressions to be fair. Just ordered a bottle of this, sounds good I am looking forward to trying it. Available at drambusters £45 inc p&p

Avarim says:

Ralfy, I love your French!

Alexandre leclercq says:

Dijon mustard ????
avocado ????
ahahahahah !! I can’t believe it.

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