whisky review 551 – Exploring a Tiffon Cognac by BB&R

. . . all because a change is as good as a rest.

Tiffon Cognac Site at http://www.cognac-tiffon.fr/

Disaster Class at http://www.thegoodspiritsco.com/tastings.html

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Adam Kucharuk says:

first 😉

RBCbomber says:


Tiktok Toyatoya says:

Wish was in Glasgow.

Klassikko Albumi says:

Do you ever..I mean EVER..get drunk? Friday, 60’s psychedelic rock and a bottle of whisky…Ever?

Pete's Guitar Lessons TV says:

Pure poetry!

Jens Boye Hansen says:

Darn it, I’ll arrive in Edinburgh that thursday, but waaay too late to get to the tasting, else I’d have bought a ticket. 🙁

And yes, it’s nice with a bit of change now and then, I had already planned that one of my next bottles should be a cognac.

Saltire says:

Nice one for helping with the foodbanks Ralfy, we in Dundee are inundated with people needing them I’m afraid. I remember the other year my gran – who remembered The Great Depression well – telling me that poverty is very much still with us compared to then, it just does a better job of hiding it. She was a wise woman my gran, and unfortunately she passed away this year at the age of 101.

Anyway I hope the evening went well, even if I am posting this a year after the event! 😀

Carlo Gr says:

Dear Ralfy, I can’t understand which bottle this cognac is on the tiffon website. Is it the VSOP?

John Gropper says:

Ralfy, thanks for all of your videos! They’re very informative and quite funny. You’ve definitely gained a young Malt Mate in me!

Cypeq says:

Black Grouse made Ralfy so disappointed in whisky he bought cognac.

Biohazard Ahead says:

You smoke at all ralfy? Tobacco or cannabis?

Ossie Weinert says:

Exceptional review Ralfy! I’ll be researching what cognac is available in my area and give it a try, it’s been a while. Listened to Robin Laing singing “More Than Just A Dram” and thought of you! Great song! Well done on the fund raiser, wish I could be there! Politics in the USA is an embarrassment, a sad comedy of fools! One loon wants to build a wall between the US and Canada, madness! And then we have the court jester, Donald Trump, need I say more. Sad when people don’t know enough to vote in their own best interest. Marketing hey Ralfy. Be well, safe travels, and I’ll see you next time. Sincerely, Ossie

Evan Barratt says:


NuminexGaming says:

Hey Ralfy, i recently bought a bottle of Jack Daniels single barrel. I couldn’t find a video on it from you and i just wondered, have you ever tried it? If so what did you think of it? Anyway really liking your video’s, keep up the good work! 😀

cfaded7 says:

damn it so close

Barlo Tardy says:

Malty marvels of medical malpractice!

retired from the job says:

Can you spell that?

Bradley From Adelaide says:

Where’s your Glenlivet 15 review mate! sorry to be demanding, your videos are excellent! cheers

chrish12345 says:

Ralf would you consider doing a Calvados review, the Sainsburys 12 year old one is impressive in my opinion, a bit of suplhur in there but good value. By the way, talking of food banks a worker from the Red Cross told me they can feed a family of 4 for £5 for a month, mainly due to bulk buying

heiner lauter says:

Ralfy, do you smoke cigars?


Idea: A weekly Ralfy podcast called ‘Senior Moments’.

Bhim Raj Poudel says:


Brian D says:

Always worth a listen ralfy! Prefer scotch reviews but these tangents are worth learning from. FYI – G&M Glenturret 11 is great. Tried it after not being able to find the OB 10 yr you reviewed a while back. Adding that to Linkwood 15, biggest surprises of this year.

alan wilson says:

Cadenhead’s just bottled a 30 year old cognac, at cask strength. I’m really tempted.

Dankzzz says:

Skål for Braastad Cognac from Norwegian heritage… 🙂

John Henfrey says:

Not my sort of drink, but I watched all, as I always do, best of luck for the whisky tasting event.

Johnathan Fiddes says:

Hi Ralfy. I am interested in coming to your disaster class although there is no mention of it on the link you provided below. Does that mean that it is sold out do you know?

Tiktok Toyatoya says:

It is more than commendable that you are giving manufacturers that are reserving traditional methods. Kudos!

redrich2000 says:


Ownedyou says:

Ralfy, would you ever consider a craft beer review? Like say, Innis and Gunn? They actualy finnish their brews in oak casks.

Obviousz says:

You should really check out the “Archives” line of bottling at Whiskybase-shop. It’s a set of bottlings of many different distilleries which are all Uncolored, Unchillfiltered, Single Cask and Cask Strength. That’s the rule for a whisky to be in this line of Archives bottlings. It’s an amazing and easy way to try out and find 100% honest and natural whisky. And they ship worldwide.

Andrew Liddell says:


I live in a hot country have you ever tried any of the Whisky Stones / Rocks?? andy good?

Philip Eagleton says:

Nice review Ralfy. Just one thing, this appalling fad of flavoured whiskys you quite rightly refuse to entertain – they generally aren’t able to be classed as whisky at all. Besides the addition of flavouring the producers generally drop the ABV to below 40% and describe them as liqueurs. This is also reflected in the HMRC commodity code for these products. Cheers!!!

Zach S says:

Thanks for the suggestions on going on new directions, Ralfy.

I’ve been doing my own meandering in the Cognac/Armagnac brandy world, and I have one hang up that I thought wouldn’t sit well with you.

It’s very common, though generally not talked about, for producers, especially Cognac producers, to add “boise,” which is essentially oak dust and sugars, to sweeten the barrels and create “good coloring.” I had a chuckle when you mentioned caramel because, while it may not have caramel, statistically for Cognac, it likely has boise.

If adding adulterants like oak shavings/dust is standard practice in their industry, hoe can you, a man who rages against caramel coloring, filtration, and flavored whiskey, accept what is, essentially, artificial sweetener, flavoring, and colorant.

I think this is a big hurdle that needs to be overcome for bringing French Brandeis up to the standards of the scotch and bourbon industries, and it’ll definitely make a difference in getting me to come on board.

Very interested to hear your thoughts on the practice (and barrel rotation as well!).

Simon Sherratt says:


Soteriologist says:

Oh, since you already got into Cognac, could you compare that to or even follow up with either one of the Cardenal Mendoza Solera Gran Reserva Brandy by the Sánchez Romate Hermanos ?

spinycrayfish says:

I bought some Dubliner, Irish whiskey liqueur with honeycomb and caramel. Sweetness overload. Reminds me of flavoured medicine as a kid!

foodquig says:

I was sipping on some Knob Creek Bourbon while watching this… For a break from single malts, I typically get back to North America and sip on bourbons and ryes… Going back to scotch is always an enjoyable experience.

I often enjoy some gin & tonic for a break, especially when the weather is warmer…

Mark Peterson says:

“Consensual whiskey experience,” for the win.

James H says:

Ralfy, I’ve been drinking big brand cognacs for a while and looking to branch out to more interesting stuff. Do you expect the whole Tiffon range to be decent? I can easily find the VSOP online, but was somewhat put off by the comment ‘Tiffon VSOP can be enjoyed on ice or long drink in order to highlight the fruitiness of the cognac’ in the notes on the Tiffon website… Was concerned it might not be the step-up from the big names I was looking for, if they intended it to be mixed? Jim

cfaded7 says:


Popsiclestick27 says:

Ralfy, please give Burrough’s Reserve a review. I am absolutely no gin person, but this is probably the best alcohol i have tried in my life. It is fairly rare, and a little pricey, but in the spirit of this type of review, I would like to hear your thought’s on it. I managed to procure one after half a year searching for it in Japan, so I hope you can acquire one as well!

WhiskyWhistle says:

There is a resurgence of craft distilling going on in Korea, including barrel-aged Korean soju. Have these popped up in the UK?

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