whisky review 552 – Chateau De Triac Cognac (reserve de la famille)

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an excellent gentle-natured traditional cognac which in the UK is good value for money in relation to aged single malts.

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lifebreath77 says:

Having started years ago and failing with single malts, I shifted to Cognac. After learning how to approach and savor Cognac, I journeyed back to single malt, via Bourbon, with great success. Now I enjoy single malt, bourbon and Cognac! The best advice I was ever given regarding Cognac was to buy the obscure producers of which I had never heard. Sound advice indeed! Thanks for your reviews.

Mega Therion says:

Hey Ralfy. Have you got any plans to review any cachacas in the ‘non whisky’ series?

Manhattan No bartender can get it right says:

Hi Ralfy, I’d just like to mention a buyer beware based on my own experience with cognac which was influenced by your Scotch recommendation to go for cask strength nonchill filtered. My first experience with quality scotch was Abulour A’Bundah and I was left thinking how all the cognac I had tried was relatively flavorless in comparison so I purchased cask strength 30 yr Cadenhead and GOURRY DE CHADEVILLE 1er Cru Du Cognac 64.3% and they were the worst high end spirit I have tasted to date: very expensive rubbing alcohol to say the nicest. Not a slam on your recommendations just a buyer beware for those making purchases. Exceptions to everything.

libertygamer1776 says:

I would never spend $100 on a bottle of spirits no matter how good it was. I’m a working man with bills to pay lol. I only go up to $25 for a bottle spirits such as whiskey or occasionally rum. But hey, to each his own.

Cigar Obsession says:

Sounds like good stuff!

louisjany says:

ralphy you wet whisky hound you rotten malt dog you! how the bloody hell are you? do a vid were you get blind rotten drunk and go outside pretending to be a german blood hound! then proceed to review a tramp piss cider in the voice of a german dog adding ruff rufff at the end of each sentence! thanks i know your fit for the job! ill look forward to it…stay malty!

Philip Eagleton says:

Does anyone know how to spell ‘ransil’? I’m trying all variations in the dictionary and can’t find it. Perhaps I’m a touch dense!!

John Henfrey says:

Thanks for the review Ralfy. As I have said before not a spirit I like looking forward to going back to some more Whisky Reviews.

Tony says:

Hi ralfy, why are all cognacs bottled at 40% and not higher?

Malt454 says:

Given scotch prices, and patterns in quality on many new releases, there’s certainly no reason not to look for “malternatives”, both inside, and outside, of whisky – if young flavour’s all you’re looking for with a minimum of product information, bourbon certainly has you covered. Given that many of the companies that now own the scotch distilleries also own the facilities that make the malternatives, it’s not impossible to consider that a lot of scotch has been allowed to slide to push people TO these other products.

Philip Eagleton says:

Great review, especially the ransil explanation. Cheers!!

Tiktok Toyatoya says:

Omg you have lost a lot of weight!

Truthspoon says:

I found this too, this certain ‘licence’ with their age statements and as to what it actually means. I bought a 40 year old Armagnac online from a reputable retailer but what I got didn’t taste particular old nor was it especially smooth and refined. As a result I have been dissuaded from further purchases of these spirits which are a bit of a lottery as to how the spirit will present itself.

Conor McGeady says:

And thanks once again for letting me try it in the Bon last night.

Max's Cognac Review says:

Looks like you have been enjoying that bottle ; )

Dan E says:

I had heard the term used in a few Bourbon reviews. I did not know what it was, thanks for the education!

burkeredh says:

Hi Ralfy, great video as usual. You need to review and taste “Daniel Bouju Brut De Fut” 60% cask strength cognac, it is out of this world .

chronic604production says:

Hey Ralfy! Much love from Vancouver, Canada! Have you ever done a review on Hennessy V.S.O.P. or Remy Martin 1738 Accord Royal? I’d love to see that if I could!

Bhim Raj Poudel says:

damn…so close

Hap Bilko says:

Any chance of a Hine review?

Mike B says:

Awesome video as always ralfy
On an unrelated note, have you ever tried a particular rum from Panama called Zafra 21 year old?

TheJusnic82 says:

I drank a lot of great cognacs and even more so mezcals before I got into whisky and I did have the opportunity to taste this one…and for the price its a fairly good cognac….not one that was memorable in my opinion and nothing stood out as being outstanding to me….really there are much much better cognacs around the 80 to 150 range but nothing off putting nothing bad about this at all

Matt Kaminga says:

Wish I could afford that someday

WhiskyWhistle says:

Third boo hoo

Dana Johnson says:

Any chance you’ll be reviewing the 2015 Johnnie Walker Green Label? It does carry the 15 yr age statement.

alan wilson says:

I’d really like to see you review the springbank 15, I know you love the distillery would love a review of this malt!

Vegard K says:

this is about 150£ where I live, I’ll pass.

Mike Wang says:

Excellent cognac review (will likely be picking up a bottle soon), and wonderful advice on taking a break from whisky once in awhile to get a better perspective on this wonderful hobby/passion of ours. Can you review Tesseron Lot 76? Thanks, and keep up the reviews!!!

domanz1 says:

Thanks ralfy for all your work, I’ve been watching your ralfy-ish stuff for years now and enjoy both your character and the education you provide. Keep on malting!

ArtMorte says:

‘Malty mistletoes’ in early September, gosh, the Christmas season starts earlier every year.

Tiktok Toyatoya says:

Please post your Facebook page link

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