whisky review 604 – Ararat 10yo Brandy/Cognac

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Joe Prestera says:

I can only get the 5yr old in my area. I will have to give it a try some time. Brandy is my father’s favourite go to drink.

Leonid Torti says:

Ralfy, I visited Kingsbarns distillery last week, The whole crew (John the tour guide, Douglas, Peter, and the Spanish lady at the front desk) says hello. I bought a bottle of the Wemyss 1991 Glen Scotia. Simply superb. Cheers. Leonid

Anton Novozhenov says:

Hi colleagues! Frankly those 10 years are, let’s say “Armenian age statement”. I’ve got a Russian market version and the statement on the cardboard is “Average age- 10 years, minimum- 6, maximum- 25”. Cheers!

Herman Muker says:

I looked up and found a bottle which is 5 years old at my local LCBO. It’s okay, not as good as Stara Sokolova plum brandy from Serbia. Worth trying.

Pampidu Pampidu says:

Я раньше считал что арманьяк это армянский коньяк)

nate pollitt says:

nothing wrong with a brandy!!! taste is taste!!!yum

Sehraj Singh Virk says:

no sunday review this tym?

retired from the job says:

I’m the other. I need to learn. Keep it up. and thanks.I always look for Ralfy Recommended.

Michael Dorman says:

Excellent choice! The 20 yo is absolutely fantastic.

gretchman says:

I’d love to hear your opinion on Torres 10 year brandy if you can get your hands on it.

phatphuck says:

please do more brandy/cognac/armagnac reviews, cheers!

Alexander Goman says:

I don’t know whether you know it or not, but Uncle Joe introduced this brandy to Winston during the war.. Winston loved this stuff.

kalm says:

That extra bit send me here, and the brandy 😉

Ray Raymond says:

— [1] You gave the Ararat 10 a 90 Brandy rating in Whisky Review 604 above.
— [2] From having watched all 600+ your Whisky Reviews, it is evident that yYou do not hand out ratings near 90 with any frequency. Indeed, when you give a rating near 90 to any distilled spirit, that distilled spirit is excellently good, if not approaching great.
— [3] I assume that your 90 Brandy rating is equivalent in goodness & excellence to a 90 Malt rating or a 90 Blend rating. Am I correct on this assumption?
— [4] As an aside, based upon your Ararat 10 review, yesterday I ordered two bottles of it for $30 + $6 freight each. I figured that $36 for a bottle of a 90 rated distilled spirit would be a wise purchase. I suspect that I will not be disappointed paying $36 each for two bottles of a 90 rated distilled spirit.
Danke & Slainte, Richard, richardcuccia@hotmail, richardcuccia@cox.net

Ruslan Sirota says:

I’m the second half.. i watch everything u release and its always fascinating. This is a spiritual pursuit and its amazing!! thank u for providing it..

Hubert Łępicki says:

Ralfy, I was going to mention it to you earlier but forgot. You should look out for “Sarajishvili XO”, Georgian brandy if you liked Arrat so much. The XO is blend of 18-30 years, it’s full vaniilla & toffee, quality brandy in good price.

I am not sure if it’s available in UK at all, I found it in local coop supermarket here in Poland, and it was a blind guess, but it’s pretty tasty.

Herman Muker says:

Love watching you Ralfy, hope to see you hit 100,000 viewers soon. I’ll be looking for Ararat at my local LCBO as soon as tomorrow.

Clutch28 says:

You cannot call a brandy a cognac if it made anywhere else but a certain area within France,Ralph. Cognac, like wines is a protected name.

Les Waller says:

Definitely of the curious, interested category of malt mates.

Reza Lustig says:

Unfortunately passed up the chance to buy a bottle of Ararat 10 at a duty-free just today 🙁

Luis Wells says:

Agreed! Exploration is the joy of spirits!!!

Tudval Stone says:

10 years, really? I wouldn’t bet on it. Anyway, there are plenty of XO brandies from the US, Spain, Italy, Germany etc.. all garbage if you ask me. I remember only liking an Israeli one (Carmel), but really none can compare with the lightness and finesse of real Cognac. From Armenia I only tried some ‘reputable’ wine. One and done.

KW Cabs says:

Hi Ralfy! So glad to see you reviewed Ararat! I actually suggested it in a post a while back on one of your videos, not sure if you saw it. Anyway, I’m from NYC and just returned from Armenia a few weeks ago, and in fact was at the Ararat factory! I really enjoy all of their Cognac Brandies! I’d be more than happy to share any info, I’ve learned and sampled a lot. They really are fantastic, and there are a lot of differences. Feel free to message me if you’d like to know anything. BTW, there is a lot of misinformation from some of your users below and don’t want people to be confused. Absolutely GREAT STUFF!!!! Thanks again.

Phil Clurow says:

Very interesting review, thanks

Helmut Schlimmerdurst says:

Actually, I’m so much more interested in the “little extras” before and after the tasting notes than the notes themselves. I really like to listen to you philosophing about spirits, society and the world. 🙂 That sets you apart from most other reviewers.

Age of Doom says:

wow man that start

ionz75 says:

How certain are we that this doesn’t have flavoring added to it?

Robertina Salomé says:

How about some co-host review action in the future?
Just for the sake of tasting arguments. 🙂

modulo says:

I recently tried a mini bottle of ABK6 Family Reserve Cognac, it was really good.

Payouni says:

Hi Ralfy! Thanks for your awesome whisky reviews, they are very helpful. 🙂 Could you review Macallan Sienna? Would very much like to hear your opinion about that one.

Tomislav B. says:

Next thing go for Skenderbeu Albanian brandy Ralfy

Jackass Whisky and Pinto Beans says:

Armenian brandy is extremely inexpensive here in the states-for the quality.  There is a large Armenian population in California so there are a couple of liquor stores(that I know of) in California that have extensive varieties of Armenian brandy.  I picked up Armenian Apricot Brandy 30yo and 45% abv for $30.  The only quibble I have with the Armenian distillers is that most of the Brandy I’ve looked at is 40% abv.   Very, very few are above the minimum 40%.

scarcesense says:

I had always dismissed brandy as your grandmother’s drink, but I bought a cognac gift set for my dad last Christmas and had a sample and now I drink more brandy/cognac than I do whiskey.

AGT0M says:

Is there such a thing as “British palate”?

Haik Kupeliants says:

Thanks for the review Ralfy! Make sure to try 20 years – it is absolutely amazing! Another level!

Heikki Hartikainen says:

Armengnac 😉

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