Whisky Review/Tasting: Crown Royal XO

Nosing 3:02
Whisky .com reviews the Crown Royal XO. The Blend was finished in Cognac casks.

The nose:
Vanilla, caramel, light, oak,
The taste:
Spices, Cognac note, vanilla
The finish:
Medium with spices

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Algrim the Strong says:

So I’m the dud who doesn’t love Cognac, but knows some of the very best whiskies I’ve ever had were either aged or finished in Cognac Barrels or Brandy Barriques…this, among the most mild available, is perfect for it’s absolute glass lake smoothness, light, sweet, Christmas spice, vanilla, and brown sugar/creme brulee finish. An amazing feat of simplicity, much like The Glenlivet French Oak 15 Y.O. Wet barrels, Horst…though, I’d love to see a special TRONCAIS OAK EDITION.

The Josh Experience says:

“As long as theres a mouse in my computer this whiskey is hand crafted” hahaha so true

King James says:


eric gilbert says:

I should give this a try.

Brandon Lee says:

Not a huge Cognac fan myself (at least not these days), but I’ve tried the French single malt Vicomte and liked it. It too, was Cognac finished.

danw31415 says:

Crown Royal was actually first made in 1939 when the Queen visited Canada. Great video as always. Sehr gut! Danke!

Bobbius Shadow says:

I don’t like cognac either, something in it makes me want to spit it out…..But a good whisky, ummmm…..

UNC Tarheels says:

This man is color blind. It’s PURPLE, the bags are purple man…

neandrewthal says:

XO is up there with my other favourite Crown Royal, Cask No. 16. I think I like it even better than the very expensive Crown Royal XR and I don’t even like Cognac either.

Joseph Trottier says:

The Queen is on the 20 canadien dollars

Ray Scott says:

CR XR is the one to try Mr.Horst..give it a go…a two sipper 4 sure.

ArtMorte says:

“With a little bit of good will there’s some oakiness in the back.” that’s an instant classic, lol.

Basquad Basquad says:


/adverbadverb: impeccablyin accordance with the highest standards; faultlessly.”everyone behaved impeccably”
Sure hope that helps the ‘expert.’

VoidedTea says:

Hope the next one is Northern Harvest Rye.

Ashley Van Oeveren says:

Great video again, I hope to see you do Crown Royal “Northern Harvest”. Love seeing Canadian whisky reviews on your site.

Raster says:

Thanks for this review. I’m with you… not sure I’m a fan of Cognac, so I’ll avoid this one. I tried the Crown Royal “Reserve” and that I think is very good.

UNC Tarheels says:

Crown royal and other whisky/whiskey is not mouth wash man… How on earth did you pick up that bad habit of thinking whisk(e)y is mouth wash? You are German, you may need to stick to Beer.

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