Wine Review: Cognac VSOP and XO – Episode 82

Join us for this episode as Ken Gargett chats with Renaud de Gironde from Hennessy, who has promised to take us all through the fascinating world of Cognac – and in particular, Hennessy VSOP and Hennessy XO.

Let us know your thoughts on Cognac, or what you like or dislike regarding these two particular styles from Hennessy by leaving a comment for us below.


ls033189 says:

It’s my understanding (someone correct me if I’m wrong) that Cognac, just like Bourbon, is aged in new/first fill oak barrels. Which means the dark color may very well be all natural from the barrel. I always assume caramel coloring is used unless clearly stated otherwise on the bottle. Bourbon, by law, must have nothing added to it! Scotch and Cognac however, can use coloring agents if they choose.

Jason Carranza says:

XO XO XO mix it up pour it take it down slow

Jason Spaulding says:

meh give me bourbon

Борис Саръколев says:

Еталона ХО оригинал…

Leggo My Ego says:

40-50 cognacs every day? How is your liver?

baileyonthedaily says:

im here drinking a glass or three myself. ha.

Mega14821 says:

Cuanto cuesta esta botella

ChannelMitchy13 says:

Cognac before Noon? What a dream job. 

Begohan1234 says:

How long it has been in a bottle is not very relevant as the smoothness and flavors stop developing once it has been taken from the cask and put into the bottle.

Mike Strater says:

is it high carbs?

H2sFoRsAkEn says:

I have never yet fully enjoyed a Cognac but for some reason i cannot wait to try!

Dirty Mitten says:

hahaha. thats what im drinking as I watch this. it will change one day tho…



King Majesty says:

i want to do what he do! taste everyday!

akaLunacy says:

Um the owner of the bar I work at mixed the VSOP with the XO because they ran out of XO. For true Hennessy drinkers they would taste the difference and say no this is not XO. Such a bad move!

Dimitrije SedamSezdesetDva says:

Can anyone tell me how to determine when is some drink bottled? I have a collection of Hennessy Very Special,Curvoisier,Napoleon,Passport Scotch etc. and i cant find the year. I know they all are older than 20 yrs. Please help. Thank you!

Zombied77 says:

im drinking Martell VS because i ran out of VS Weed.
Its good stuff but I’ve been having it chilled which I’m finding out isn’t the best way to drink it.

killiecommie says:

Im broke drinkin EJ XO

Spitbucket says:

Hi Marky2112,

The deep caramel colour that you see here is because it has been aged in wood barrels, having contact with the wood for a long period of time changes the natural colour of cognac, which is white.

The same can be said about Single Malts.


regulus8518 says:

so we wake up at around 10:30 11:30 everyday and just get wasted on cognac ! sounds awesome

Atoweha says:

11 to 11:30AM ……… 50+ samples.. sounds like my dream job lol 

Kyle Peak says:

Hey, how are you, I recently tried a Hennessey product at a friend house. I really enjoyed the flavor. I was wondering if I could find this at my local liquor store and the average price on the Hennessey Cognac. Sorry, But I looked online and I never found a consistant price, Thought I should get your opinion.

falsepride 88 says:

HennessyRemy Martin! Best Cognac ever!

scott cudi says:

Does hennessy taste grapy?

Bort McBort says:

I hate cheap cognac because it really burns. I would love to try a super expensive glass of Hennessy so that I’d know what a mellow cognac tastes like.

Vanklow says:

This is just like a weed review, just more snobby and with booze instead.

FlyingThereAndBack says:

Just bought two of the flask gift set editions of the Cognac XO, and they were cheaper than just the regular bottles by them selves, I’m a proud man, awaiting shipment. One for the collection, one to crack, boooyah! It’s going to stand out in my all Scotch Whiskey collection, but this drink deffinately deserves a spot on the shelf. One of the cheaper bottles up there, and probably the best tasting, comming from a Scotch lover.

jesaliga says:

While this is generally true it is also true that caramel coloring (E150) is an allowed additive for cognac. I do not know if Hennesy uses E150, but I do know for a fact that it is used in several single malt scotch whiskies

Spitbucket says:

@supertrex2 most distilled alcoholic beverages have a low-carb content

Tampanda says:

Sooooo with Cognac, what percentage alcohol is it usually bottled at? Because with Scotch it varies greatly. And if it’s higher than 40% alcohol, say 46% and up, do you add a splash of water as you would with Scotch? Adding water with Scotch that is still at cask strength helps open up the whisky. Does that apply with Cognac?

david jackson says:

spit bucket… what a vile name, puts me off

joshua prouty says:

Wtf I’m confused. Is Hennessy a wine or a liquor?

Live-pool redneck says:

I was under the assumption that a person should add a few drops of very clean water to your alochol???? not ice!??

Spitbucket says:

Sorry! That’s why we do the dirty work for you so you don’t have to suffer like we do at times 🙂

Spitbucket says:

@rainbowgoods How was it?

okpapereat says:

When I had hennesy it kind of almost like a sour taste yet smooth going down the throat, strong oak taste

Anoni.mouse same says:

Hennessy is garbage, overpriced over-marketed garbage .

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