Wine Review: Paradis and Richard Hennessy Cognac – Episode 83

At Spitbucket, we’ve had so much Cognac recently that we felt it was only fair to split them into two episodes!

In this latest installment, Ken joins Renaud de Gironde from Hennessy who has promised to take us through the pointy-end of the Hennessy range, which include the Paradis and Richard Hennessy blends.


Jeremy Keegan says:

anyone in uk wanna buy a bottle of richard hennessy?… 1000 ono

Taimoor Waheed says:

Is it worth a $1000?

ilovecheese123456781 says:

1000 dollars for a bottle of liquor come on. Maybe if it cured cancer…

Kobil Shakur says:

Why the fuck would you do such a thing?

Spitbucket says:

@thepantstent and he was dressed up to the occasion! You should see some of our other videos.

keliishaine says:

How much times is that bastard gonna stick his big ass nose in the glass?!?!? Fuck!!!

Cook, CJames says:

Thank-you for the review. I’ve sampled the Paradis previously, and so can only imagine how sublime is the Richard Hennessy. If I were to ask for anything, it would be for you or your guest to provide more analytical details of what is in the nose and taste. I ask only because while I can recognize and admire the great subtleties of aroma and taste, I don’t have the skill and talent to tease apart the components that are making them so great, and for me, that is part of the fun in appreciating great spirits.

Please pass along my thanks to Renaud for this tasting, separated as we are in time and space.

Ignorance is Not a Blessing says:

its actually really interesting to try and talk about all these different drinks.. of course they
all get you drunk..but the hard work that goes into all of these drinks
is amazing and should be talked about and these videos!!!

WarInSpirit says:

i had this before….. (paradis) theyre right…. the flavor does stay in your mouth for a while after you sip…..

cnotenesmith says:

5:05 Drinking smoke?? o_O but seriously, I can’t wait to try the Paradis !

Dariusz Sobański says:

got it as a gift, already sold on ebay for 500USD 🙂 I’d rather to keep it but life is brutal 😉

smokethepancakes says:

one day i shall splash out on some them mighty fine cognacs looks lush

SpaouN says:

In Sweden that bottle costs around 3300 dollar 😛

thepantstent says:

that host is a joke..

Cypeq says:

this violent spinning just releases so much alcohol it overpowers any aroma and burns your nose.

tim richie says:


Борис Саръколев says:

Специално Удоволствие за мен.

grlCycling101 says:

love to hang with the guy on the right, hes a regular charlie sheen, now all he needs is a few girls to host with him, anyone that drinks everyday at 11 is ok in my book

bigdre8622 says:

I had the Paradis last night for the fist time and im am inclined to head staight for the store to puchase a bottle. The video does no justice for the actual taste it is truely unbelieveable if you have not had the pleasure of a sip of Paradis you must do so ASAP.

Spitbucket says:

You can mix it with whatever you want, some people add a bit of water some might add a small cube of ice however it is recommended to be enjoyed on its own.

ferw swer says:

stop talking, lets speak KEN.

Lei Lei says:

I Just make do with the XO it does taste nice and a bit of a burn after taste.

grlCycling101 says:

im saving up for the paradis after i get my summer job. I absolutely loved the xo, though it was a bit strong it took a glass and after that i couldnt stop. very smooth and vanilla hints. viva la summer

merman93 says:

On the most exclusive lines, I will only purchase direct from distiller/bottler. Reputable retailers have even had the misfortune of purchasing bogus product, and at these price points it’s no wonder. Don’t look for a bargain. However, Henessey does occasionally offer the same quality blend in a decorative crystal as well as normal bottle at much different prices. I purchase occasional exclusive releases as the silver jubilee, and others when I can verify authenticity. How many casks of 100-200 year old brandy can Hennessey have left to blend with anyway?

Spitbucket says:

@sobanek1971 Awesome! how much did you pay for it?

Dariusz Sobański says:

botle of Paradis on ebay now 🙂

Dawid Rozburski says:

I bought a Hennessy Coniak and keep it for a special occasion. On Fridays I drink Polish vodka 🙂 and it’s enough for me too be happy.

Nemo D333 says:

In the end of the day you are same drunk no matter what you drink. To me drinking is social event. I enjoy company of friends not a drink or showing off.

Buddha BlazerSS says:

Lol so this is the shit the Texans made that rookie get 8k worth

♠Ripley♠ says:

wow I love Hennessy Paradis, it would be an experience to try Richard Hennessy.

3MaximumBass3 says:

Drank Bottle Hennessy Paradis for my birthday. it lasted 2 week was very nice and I shared with friends.Had a Glass of the Richard Hennessy  was so Smooth!

Agent S says:

Does it mix well with redbull?

killer21165 says:

Id rather have a OE 800

Red Pill Rage says:

I tried Hennessy Paradis in First Class on Emirates (JFK-DXB), and while I thought this spirit was extremely structured and well made, it was too hard to drink due to its potency. I don’t know, maybe drinking at 40,000 feet affected the taste sensation?

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