XO Cognac Challenge: Hennessy Vs. Remy Martin Vs. Courvoisier

What is the best Mainstream XO Cognac available today? Is Hennessy XO worth the expensive Price Tag?
Charles Walhingford pits the flavors of the most commonly found Cognacs in the industry against each other.


DCM SR says:

2 things I can’t let go of…my Wife and Hennessy…it’s like PB&J

vince m says:

Good review of cognac. Cheers mate

Black Mack says:

Great vid Charles I’ve only tried the Remy XO and from drinking it I can’t go back to vsop or 1738 Remy. I loved don Julio, belvedere, but now all I can drink is the Remy XO its sure is worth the money. In gonna try the henn XO next month and ill leave you u another comment on the taste of it

Reality Check says:

Pardon my ignorance but I have had a bottle of VSOP for about 10 years. Unopened and was wondering if it is still good. Please let me know. Thanks.

Lisa Chen says:

These are gateway XO’s.

Alex Rad says:

Miam miam miam….

James King says:

Hennessey paying you for this?? Irish make whisky, not Brandy. Remy is the original and best. black man drinking Cognac…hmm

Max's Cognac Review says:

Hey man great video. I wish I was there with ya. Cheers !

ABladeInTheDark says:

Should have included Martell XO in the comparison.

Antonio D says:

Pass da Courvoisier!

MIGUEL DeLaCruz says:

Remy is my favorite Big name cognac …..1738

luna aksoy says:

Brandy shall be drunk by vodka shot glass, by the way I love the smell of cigar contrary to cigarette.

Keith Taylor says:

I’m not an aficionado by any means just want to feel a little fancy at my graduation so I’m going to get a bottle to celebrate. What are your thoughts between Hennessey XO and D’usse XO. I have had neither.

Moe Rodriguez says:

Someone seems a lil tipsy after doing the taste testings haha – good review. Also, “distictive” isn’t a word, bruh haha

Ian Holmes says:

Awesome review and info. Much appreciated!

Raphael Moss says:

Yeah I tried to Hennessy XO smooth and classic Remy Martin XO it was okay it was just okay it have enough Flair to it never try the Courvoisier XO think I’m next paycheck needs to be Hennessy Paradise


RICHARD DELISLE XO is my favorite

QualityMike says:

Thank you for your testing. I am new to Cognac and this will help in my selection.

Dan Bearer says:

I just had Hennessey XO vs Martell XO last weekend. Gotta say, Martell was much more rounded, smooth and flavorful, with a much longer finish.

Polar Roller says:

Charles your volume is so low, can’t hear this video!

QualityMike says:

Currently savoring the Hennessy Privilege and will try the XO on your recommendation.

Polar Roller says:

Ok, the volume issue was addressed after a few minutes

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