❓ What are bitters? How are they used in a cocktail? Amari, Amaro, Non-Potable & More

Let’s explore cocktail bitters, what are bitters used for and how are they going to make your drink better? Bitters are the “salt and pepper” of your cocktails, they’re your spice cabinet for drink creation.

Some past references for bitter information:

Homemade Cocktail Bitters: https://youtu.be/tccx9ozZ-ik
Aromatic Bitters Tasting: https://youtu.be/lodX6r8C9ow
Citrus Bitters Tasting: https://youtu.be/ScIghSyP_hs
Warren Bobrow Explains Cocktail Bitters: https://youtu.be/3tdDO6dvpTM

History of Bitters (2 part series)

Bitters Week:

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Solomon Li says:

This was loaded with good info. The problem I have with shopping for bitters is that most sites use the same general description from the brand site. Some bitters are easier to use in cocktails, while others are more complex. But it’s hard to differentiate those unless you buy and experiment with them.

Jedi Master Joe says:

what is the bitter with the eagle on it

CappsJD says:


Arne L says:

very informative , do you know where i can buy that awesome old man bitters that u used in your 3-mile long island ice tea video ? you really semmed to enjoy that drink but im missing the bitters to make my own. Thanks for answering 🙂

ansiaaa says:

glad to see lots of Italian brands there!

BoyDrinksWorld says:

lol.. these bitters really tie a drink together. #thedude

Slick Rick says:

You’re awesome man!!!

Kaeo Bobedeo says:

Thanks for the info!

Mo-da-cious's Beauty Channel says:

Great video great info

Bill Baran says:

Great info, thanks!

Burnt Brian Reviews says:

Very informative video! Bitters are amazing when you know how to use them. My old friend has been experimenting with them for years as a bartender and I love what he’s been coming up with lately. Something to do with rosemary to thyme. Anyway, I don’t know anything about them, so this video helps a lot.

ryan c says:

pimms is an amaro? its sweet though..?

MM88 says:

I think you are burying the lead here.

“If you are peeing blood, go to the doctor.”

Cameron Cooper says:

Have you ever tried using bitters in Bloody Mary cocktails? If so, did they blend well together? If not, would that be something you’d consider experimenting with on the show?

BoyDrinksWorld says:

so… point of order. fyi.

the dropper top is designed to pull the same amount every time (usually 1 ml) all of my products have a recommended serving size of 1 ml. The reason the dropper doesn’t fill all the way is because of the size of the rubber bulb. This is designed to pull a specific dose.

recklessrick9 says:

What bitters do u recommend for a old fashion?

Benny Deal says:

Thank goodness you did not make a “Putin Potion” with Russian Wodka

iki301 says:

This is exactly what I asked my liquor distributor last week! Exactly what I needed. Thank you very much.

goldngrl1 says:

Thank you for this video! I was just in SPECS and I was asking myself this very question when I came across a section of bitters.

tyler pfaffe says:

Loads of great info!! I liked the jokes, made me actually laugh.

tm_is_hmong says:

Haha damn i love the intro

Cuda FX says:

i like to eat square things

Josh Aguilar says:

Haven’t been experimenting with anything other than vodka and rum, but now I’m gonna dip into whiskey. Do you still recommend the buffalo trace brand?

An Idiots Liquor says:

This was really well done. I think bitters can sometimes be a little bit obscure for people. Nice.

Philip Axelsson says:

Hello, what bitters would you recomend to use in cocktails like the Manhattan or the Old Fashioned and similar ones?

Salvatore Grieco says:

The Bee’s Knees with lavender bitters is one of my favs

ravilink says:

very informative! great vid.

Kellen Martinez says:

Great straightforward explanation of bitters. I have used bitters but now I know why I use them.

Will Sounds says:

I want to expand my bitters options at home. I have Aromatic and Orange, and I am looking for another versatile one in the citrus category. Any recommendations between Grapefruit, Lemon, Lime or a Citrus blend (such as from Hella Bitters)?

cesar jimenez says:

thanks great information

Bryn Miller says:

Why does the picture go yo black and white on close ups? Just curious.

Tom Bearclaw says:

Have you seen or tried McClary Bros drinking vinegars ? I use the lemon ginger in a Moscow mule. It’s really interesting and different

AssortedBerries says:

You need to try to keep your video shorter

texaswelder says:

I thought my ex was a whore hound

Danny van der Weijde says:

Hi Derrick. I really enjoy watching your cocktail channel. I would like to ask you a question on naming a cocktail and registered it. So everybody knows that you invented the cocktail.

ike potter says:

Do you use bitters primarily to add balance and give a specific direction to cocktails, or do you ever tinker and experiment with a wide variety bitters on a blank canvas simple cocktail to see what works?

KillerRaider says:

Hello, I want to pick up some bitters for various drinks. Can you help me narrow down the search? There are so many types and brands out there. Thanks.

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