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Today we are going to show you how to make the bees knees cocktail. This is a classic easy gin cocktail you can make at home or at the bar if you’re a bartender.

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This cocktail fits into your bartending 101 easy gin cocktails because it’s both important for a classically trained bartender to know as well as a great tasting experience for new gin drinkers. The Bees Knees is, in fact, “the bees knees.”

You’ll find the bees knees is similar to the gin fix or other sours but the honey gives it a new texture and flavor that’s a bit more dynamic and aromatic. Especially if you’re using different styles of honey.

Because the gin in the bees knees is your primary component and the drink is a 3-combination simple cocktail you’ll find slight variations of honey styles will change the flavor dynamic.

Go make yourself a bees knees at home or order one at the bar. If you’re a bartender, memorize this simple cocktail and prepare to serve to your patrons!

The Bees Knees
2 oz / 60 ml American Gin
1 oz / 30 ml Fresh Lemon Juice
1 oz / 30 ml Honey Syrup
Lemon Twist Garnish
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Mark Brown says:

Another great drink and video! BTW – Death’s Door is made in Middleton Wisconsin, not Michigan. I love their gin – it’s a great balance of American and London Dry styles.

JakeTW12 says:

Love your vids. Love the recipes. Thanks for making me a gin lover. Love you, Jake

Morgan says:

Thought y’all might like this:
Oolong Braised Pork & Tea Rum Cocktail

Brian Corley says:

Pretty sure dude poured .5 oz of lemon juice and .5 oz honey syrup instead of an ounce of each as per your recipe.

ericking1000 says:

Derrick I’m hung over from yesterday (international margarita day) what’s the cure bc I’m suppose to meet friends tonight to drink?!?!?

FYIiSuk says:

Death’s Doors Gin from Door County Wisconsin not Michigan btw 😉

Stephane Foisy says:

This and the penicillin are great when I have a cold/flu help sooth the throat and get a good dose of vitamin C. Changing the honey type changes the flavour. For my taste wild flower is best.

Cryores says:

I used citric acid with it as well gave it an- extra kick!

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