3 Easy Rum Cocktail Recipes | How To Make Rum Drinks

Kaitlyn and Jess venture into the world of rum, creating 3 unique, rum-centric drinks for you to try at home. From a fun shot to simple, classic rum cocktails, the girls get ahold of 3 different rums–dairy-based, classic and dark–and make unforgettable rum cocktail recipes you can share with your friends. Making drinks is easy! Blonde on Brunette show you, with step-by-step instructions, how to make rum drinks.

Drink Recipes

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Shot
-1 oz. Rumchata
-1 oz. Fireball

Dark & Stormy
-1 bottle of ginger beer, split equally
-1 oz. (or more) dark rum (we used Kraken)
-Freshly squeezed lime juice
-Lime to garnish

Classic Rum & Coke
-Coca Cola
-1 oz. (or more) rum (we used Sailor Jerry)
-Lime to garnish

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Samantha Rayner says:

This is my favorite episode so far! You guys are hitting your stride and relaxing more, letting your funny personalities show. Love it! Next— gin! I want to see Kaitlyn’s face when she tastes gin 🙂

Trisha Maxwell says:

Y’all are funny as shit! LOVE the facial expressions and commentary.

Shane Sarson says:


Michael Null says:


patchman70 says:

I know it’s getting colder but maybe try some tiki drinks?

S. Woltz says:

That laugh, though. ❤️ You guys are great!!

Donny Hernandez says:

does a drinking show only drunks vodka and can’t or won’t do shots. didn’t even finish the drink she had. Boo to you

Eddie Camacho says:

what else is good with that sailor jerry, any other types of soda/drink?

paul McIntyre says:

Definitely “entercation” . You two were made for each other, so very funny. Again impressed with production values.

SupermarketZombies says:

Just an FYI be careful calling rum and ginger beer with lime a “Dark and Stormy” if you don’t make it with Gosling’s rum. It’s a copyrighted drink and they have gone after bars in court for using the name without using Gosling’s. If you’re at home who gives a shit :^)

Donny Hernandez says:

blonde is a prissy drinker. show will fail get another Co host

goatflieg says:

Totally agree with the Rum & Coke reactions. Outdoor segment is truly classic.

Ant Marc says:

pussys lol

Jinclops says:

These girls are like the real 2 Broke Girls.

danny bharat says:

I’m not sure what it is maybe it’s the neck fat, just wanna nail that blonde

Ronald McHitman says:

if you cant drink then dont try to make a show.

Hawaii Volcano Squad says:

Strangely fascinating!

Izaya Orihara says:

Turning 21 in a couple days. Totally gonna try some of these out c:

Just Justine says:


daniel messina says:

What the fuck is this horriable shit

David Bruce says:

Who in the heck are these girls, and how is it that I’ve never seen them before?! This is amazing! Total TV quality stuff! Plus, I think I have a mini crush on the tall blonde…

Christopher Spangle says:


Ace Undead says:

have you two thought about doing an episode of drinks made famous by songs? if not that might be a fun one to think about

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