5 Budget-Friendly Cocktails Anyone Can Make

Mike and I are stepping out of our tiny kitchen and hanging out in a bar to taste test some vodka and whip up some creative and budget-friendly cocktails for your viewing – and hopefully sipping – enjoyment. Each recipe features common ingredients that are likely laying around your house, that we will transform to help you look like a cocktail master without breaking your budget. Come get your (responsible) drink on! #ad

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Lille4008 says:

Good ad

Ace Aguilar says:

Nice job guys, not loud. Pleasant scenery, great lighting nice back ground music. After drinking tequila, rum, whiskey, bourbon for 30 years I’m finally trying vodka my first. Vodka mix drink was with Smirnoff and fruit punch minute made juice and ice what a drink. I’m going to try your suggests. The rosemary infused looks very interesting, also bloody Mary with bacon. Thanks keep up the nice work

gimmpy91 says:

“Blind Taste Test” we arent stupid.

Div Jyot Singh says:

Hey there! Grt video… a quick question, in the lemon drop, did you use soda?..it was one of the ingredients that you showed…. Or did you just use the ice to water it down a bit?

Danilo Popović says:

Have you guys tried domestic Russian vodka? It has pleasant taste and aroma!

Brandon Toppass says:

That is the worst White Russian ever, if you can’t find coffee liqueur, make it yourself. You could even use that shitty Smirnoff vodka to make the liqueur, I don’t recommend it, but you could.

Stekiz says:


TheaterRaven says:

10:14–Wow, that “Hail Rosemary” drink looks DELICIOUS! I’ll have to try that.

Benjamin Teh says:

For the lemon drop cocktail how much club soda do you use?

Mia more says:

this is awesome !! and you guys are so funny ….please make more woot !!
on my way to make some drinks

gghostrrider says:

Screwdriver, you’re welcome.

Martha Serekeberhan says:


TheBlunderman bob says:

If you’re on a budget you shouldn’t be buying alcohol anyway :/

My username is so obnoxiously long and there is absolutely nothing you can do about the matter says:

You guys put a ridiculous amount of ice in, how is there room for the drink?

57somo says:

vodka doesn’t have to be tasteless wtf?

AquilaLiberum says:

Bloody Marys are DISGUSTING. Also I hate vodka in general.

stuart earthrowl says:

You should have done a shot before you started. First shot/sip always feels harsh if you have just been drinking tea…

Carlton Byrum says:

where was the alcohol in the white Russian lol

moe b says:

Smirnoff is fucking garbage

pulpnonfiction says:

I am of many of great sponsor. I go out to of buy product, am not and shill.
I enjoy and many.

santyxeorrr says:

I’m still not onboard with a good vodka being tasteless. It’s a lot like good American moonshine for me. in the Moonshine you should taste the corn, if just a little bit. In good vodka (especially Russian) you should taste the potato, if only a little bit.

beck john says:

Don’t taste vodka.
Damn dumb ass americans

Longyearbyen Svalbard says:

What is club soda?

Zach Orrison says:

dude looks like Charlie day

Unicorn Power says:

what is this club soda?
is this like simple carbonated water?

Scrotie Wantubsis says:

Those constant hand gestures tho…

Crowbar says:

not gonna lie guys, I really want a bottle of Smirnoff right now

hemmatron lewiz says:

“A good vodka should be odourless and smooth” wtf have I been drinking oh lawwwd

patamonsvk says:

How about properly following the guidelines and disclosing CLEARLY in audio and written form that this is a sponsored video. Really expected more from you guys.

Pandadawg Thegod says:

the aromatics of the cringe are to real

Jazzy Jazz says:

Love you guys!!!❤

TheScout115 says:

this is extremely hard to watch, you guys are faggots

bryce forsythe says:

bloody cesars are better because spiced clamato goes really well with the spicyness

Morgan Sharp says:

Button down shirt guy is already sloshed

randomuser1105 says:

Video begins at 4:51 .

Simon Hylander says:

umm no? smirnoff is tasteless… Better vodka has taste. at least admit that you are sponcered

Just Justine says:

Good video. convinced me to buy smirnoff although, when it comes to Vodka I notice that myself a long with a lot of my bar customers can barely tell the difference in vodka…So I’m all for buying cheaper vodka <3

honkskillet says:

The guy on the left is blitzed by the end of this. Haha. Looks good.

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