5 Gin Cocktails

How to make 5 classic Gin Cocktails.

– Tom Collins
– The Clover Club
– White Lady
– Corpse Reviver No2
– The Last Word

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Philippe Morin says:

Hey nice videos, I just subscribed!! I don’t want to criticize, but just so you know the letter C is silent in Blanc.

OscaRRR says:

Beautiful video! And nice music!

tom jens says:

collins should be double strained because of lemon juice in it.

Shonali Joshi says:

your everything is classy and professional love the way u work.

S PP says:

What’s name the blackground’s song ?

Jonas Bernotaitis says:

Tell your cinematographer to use a wider depth of field – it’s way too narrow right now and it’s actually fairly frustrating to watch the subjects come into and out of focus constantly.

Ihsan Hi says:

title of the bgm please. thanks

Joriel Landingin says:

I love your videos, please keep coming for more!

Douglas Howard says:

Great video! Will definitely add some of these to my book!!

Zhi You Zhang says:

I’d love to see more Gin videos!

ziggythecartoon says:

I love that all your videos are so classy. Thank you and keep the informative content coming.

teamcrumb says:

gin visions

linh nguyen says:

Question sir. I want to replace the Triple Sec with Cointreau. Will that be ok? Will it affect the taste?

KTIMxDWxRaikage says:

This is completely unrelated but that’s a awesome beard you got there

lancelude says:

Just out of curiosity, what do you do with all the left over egg yolks?

Darryl Sawyer says:

I adore this video! The music in the background paired with the elegant presentation of the cocktails wooed me, each drink was really simple and looked marvelous. I will definitely have to try these. 🙂

lautaro ronda says:

Was it random to use beefeater in the end instead of tanqueray or just personal preference?

Villads Nederby says:

What is name of the song? cheers

Timothy Price says:

don’t take an egg white out of the kitchen

bestdrinkrecipes says:

very classy and well done. cheers!

Jaiden Jones says:

I prefer Sapphire over beefeater

Pickyourowngifts says:

Gin is number one in our house!

Dylan Clarke says:

Hey mate, great channel love the content.
Ive just got a question about the clover club and the white lady, I had a go at both and they slowly split after about a minute.
is this meant to happen/How can i fix it?

TheJorremans says:

What type of soda is used? Is it like sprite or something? Sorry I’m a noob LOL :p

Raja Ravi Teja says:

Where’s the Martini ?

Richard P says:

any difference using soda water vs mineral water?

Ditosław Barek says:

Hallo. I’m a bartender from Georgia Tbilisis. I like your videos so much. just subscribed 😉
anyhow can you please tall me the cocktail with lilet blanc. Couldn’t catch the name THX

RichieKay says:

Hi there! I thought that a Tom Collins is built in a glass (caster sugar, lemon juice, Gin – stirr – fill the glass with ice an top the Drink with soda) and not shaken? In comparison: A Gin fizz is a shaken Cocktail and served without ice…

chris jones says:

i wish we had bars like that down here lol

Luis Gonzalez says:

What’s the music playing? I like it…

L1feForStyle says:

The ‘soda water’ is it a Tonic? Or is it different from it?

Brooke Leigh says:

Now i have to have a gin themed party with all of these

raman tajpuriya says:

I love your all videos, Man its so easy to understand thank you so much for making these videos i actually learn so many classic cocktails..

Tactical Ape says:

Mixology is truly an art.

rozzorblop says:

Tried the tom collins recipe, it was delicious!

Thembysyleh Phillip says:

You loose me as soon as the raw eggs come out babe.

OuttaGoodNamesDangit says:

This was great! I’ve made the Tom Collins and the White Lady, but I’ve never taken a crack at the Clover Club or The Last Word. I’m a little iffy on the egg white as I have an autoimmune condition, but since I keep disobeying my doctor by going to the local oyster bar, I think I can make an exception.

Plus, I’ll have to get a bottle of Chartreuse if I’m going to make The Last Word. It’s always that one unconventional ingredient, isn’t it?

Cocktail noir says:

Love that video! well done!

Max E says:

It should say 20ml Gin for the Last Word, not 50ml.

Lalo Valtierra says:

Excelent channel!!

joel25761 says:

isn’t it a bit too much simple syrup for a tom collins?same thing with the mojito on the rum videos,the guy sure has a sweet tooth.again it’s just my opinion that apart these are great vids

Gorrak Do'Urden says:

I have to ask this, I have seen many people making cocktails and adding egg whites, isn’ t this dangerous? I am speaking about salmonela

Camillo Piarulli says:

Does anyone know the name of the song that starts at 0:24 ?

Pot Flower says:

Great Video! I really like the way you introduce the drinks as variations of each other (adding and swapping out parts of the previous example). It makes the transitions very smooth, and is generally a nice touch.

Lucas Selhorst says:

Hi, your channels awesome and i instantly subscribed once i went through a couple of vids

Great quality content keep it up mate!!! 😀

Now i came up with a cocktail idea:

1 sprig of rosemary and a good chunk of cucumber muddled,
add 1 single drop of sesame oil
20ml of lime juice
15ml of almond syrup/orgeat(i take monin)
10ml of extra dry vermouth(used Noilly Prat)
40ml of gin(i used hendricks or tanqueray no ten)
shake all ingedrients on ice and serve straight in a coupé sort of glass( i used some sort of old fashioned wine glass, its a bit larger, but i believe a coupé will just fit)

As garnish i used a big sprig of rosemary and some thin cucumber slices sticked through the rosemary sprig

Cheers! 😉

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