7 Cocktail Myths Dispelled 📕 Jagermeister Deer Blood, Ultra Premiums & More

Let’s tackle seven cocktail myths that seem to get told at parties while drinking. We think drinking has a lot to do with it. Does Jagermeister really have deers blood?

Are cocktails really hard to make? Taste is the most important factor when tasting cocktails? Expensive spirits are better than others? What the heck is ultra premium quality?

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FlapNasty3 says:

Jaegermeister has a deer on the front possibly because Jaeger means Hunter in German. and what do hunters hunt? alrighty then.

Andrew Turner says:

Love the second camera angle and the snarky text overlay. I think it’d be cool to see a video on “bruising gin” and maybe a side-by-side of a shaken vs a stirred martini.

Paulmonte4 says:

Derrick i was watching an old video where you were looking for drinks which can bring in a large amount of views. Have you ever done a party drinks type video where you have shown old or new drinks that are easy to make or scale well so that people looking to entertain have a place to go?

blade roberts says:

I just find this Channel and It is really informative. one job in life I want to chase is being a bartender and you are giving me Lots of perspective and knowledge

Erik Wait says:

Teenie Weenie Martini = a Vienna Sausage or cocktail weenie instead of an olive.

The Filmatic Condition says:

Can moonshine make you blind?

Mystère Voilé says:

I really this type of video. It changes from recipes. Great job!!

Peter Huguenin says:

*in best snob voice I can muster* “the myth that its ok to shake a martini, please stop bruising gin people.” but i am kind or serious about that. You can deffinitley taste a difference between shaken and stirred.

Dave G says:

I’ve already learned from this show that not everything that cost more is better. Cruzan is cheap and it still works. Crystal Head cost too much for what it is. Thanks.

Spikes Productions says:

Myth: Patron is the best tequila on the market.


prome57 says:

a simple myth (this goes with cooking as well) you need to go to bartending school in order to be able to know how to mix drinks. total bullshit. its nice knowledge to have but you need simple recipes and the great thing about buying your own booze is you can tweak every single recipe. cocktails are my favorite thing to tweak

Robert Glasner says:

Question: Does it really matter if a martini is shaken and not stirred?

Steve Kowalczyk says:

Myth: Jose Cuervo Especial is good tequila.

Dave G says:

Jager has a bad reputation. Haven’t tried it yet. Maybe one day.

SuperHedgehogPS3 says:

This is a common myth I always hear. A “Vodka Martini” is not really a thing. I believe that the drink people call a vodka martini, is actually a Kangaroo Kicker.

Jesse Werhnyak says:

Lets talk about Absinthe – hallucinogenic or no?

Robbie Dickson says:

what kind of glass did he say before he said coupe glass?

Dakota Flores says:

Maybe talk about drinks on the rocks

An American Homestead says:

Truth or myth, white Russians are actually made with real russians??

Joe Rod says:

Long time fan! Just started watching the videos again

Jeremy Summers says:

liquor before beer or however it goes

There is only one KEK and Pepe is his prophet says:

actually learned that bit about smell in a&p 🙂

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