Adios Mother F*cker (AMF) – How to make a Adios Mother Fucker Cocktail Recipe by Drink Lab (Popular)

How to make a Adios Mother Fucker Cocktail or AMF Cocktail
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Ingredients to make an Adios Mother Fucker:

1/2 Shot Vodka
1/2 Shot White Rum
1/2 Shot Tequila
1/2 Shot Gin
1/2 Shot Blue Curacao Liqueur
2 Shot Sweet and Sours
Top with Lemonade

Pour all ingredients except the Lemonade into a chilled glass filled with ice cubes. Top with Lemonade and stir gently.
Served in a Highball Glass

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Abel Ratemo says:

nice use tanqueray damn

Jason Andrew Peacock says:

Sick is bomb

Trainbangs-Best Content Out There! says:

My mom once drank one o these,and sadly passed out.

Victor Scott says:

Too late 4 the BLEEP

William Vachon says:

The original recipe calls for lemon lime soda instead of lemonade.

Lois Jeater says:

what style of glass are you using for this drink?

tvu86 says:

I do 1/2 oz of vodka, rum, gin, and triple sec for mine – not sure why tequila is in this one because tequila would go in a long island.

Blood Mutt says:

Don’t think you censored your video right lol

Bradley Viegas says:

Also known as the Electric Iced Tea

kaet mill trejo torres says:

What other drinks can I prepare whit that ingredients ??

JanusProspero says:

I made a LIIT with Bombay Sapphire once and found the botanical taste of the gin was way too pronounced in the drink. This was in my early days of making them, so it’s possible I didn’t use enough Sweet & Sour mix to counteract it, but I’ve since had good luck using Tanqueray in my LIITs and AMFs.

FawtyTwo says:

What do you do to a female pig with an infection?


Herbalninja says:

I’m laughing at how he says curaçao, since I live here on curaçao xD lol. It’s all about the ç

Jacky Rosado says:

Hey can anyone tell me what the difference is between the blue motherfucker and this drink? Or is it the same thing? Thanks!

Gods_Favorite says:

Where can i find those highball glassware ?

Rowen Kingston says:

that was the best censor job ive ever heard

NPG go bye bye says:

Funny how I hear the censor after I can already hear the fuck part.
And yes, mixing all that I would imagine you might be saying adios for a while.

GO L.A RAMS says:

Can I add grenadine instead of the blue to make it a different color what can add to make it a purple color instead???

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