Adios Mother Fxxka Drink Recipe

Adios Mother Fucxker cocktail drink recipe that is sure to get you going. Impress you friends with this sexy drink recipe. More cocktail drink recipes at
1/2 oz. vodka
1/2 oz gin
1/2 oz. rum
1/2 oz. tequila
1/2 oz. blue curacao
1 oz. sweet and sour bar mix
top with lemon lime soda


FeedMe Chipotle says:

My mind would go ‘its blue how the hell could that get you wasted?’ and then the next morning my bathroom would be blue

Ricardo Chavez says:

This stuff will make you hook up with ugly girls….


Usually I just say Blue Long Island and they get it lol

Dominican7Chick says:

No actually a blue MF is equal parts vodka (sometimes gin), blue curacao, and sweet and sour (sometimes lemonade)

Manuel Zambrano says:

hey dude nice drink, its a variation of the long island iced tea. you change the coke for the 7up and triple sec for blue curacao!

Devalt says:

This (I dare say cocktail) is what passes for bartending? AMF Sounds like something concocted by some club-crawling, pisshead Aussie bogan who enthusiastically jumped the bar proclaiming: “This is called an ‘Adios Luego Motherfxxking **hic** Puta!’ – A.L.M-N-O-P for short – it’s got all this shit in it but clearly it’s blue and mixed with – eh… 7up! See? Yeeee – Cherry on top, bra”. A cocktail is about enjoying aroma & the ballancing of flavors. It’s not actually about cramming liquor & getting plastered… ABS knows this, right?

Javo Roma says:

Rum, vodka, tequila and gin???… Now I understand the name, this is a certain goodbye.

Sparq Meister says:

I add 1 part whiskey on mine….it gives it a deeper blue color vs the bright blue one i get frm bars…depending on the whiskey i feel that improves the taste a bit

Cthulu1985 says:

The name of this cocktail is a message to your liver and your dignity for the night…

Michel Abrego says:

This drink is very similar to what we call here in Mexico “Copa de Nada” (Drink of nothing), ´cause it really tastes like nothing, but hits you in the head quite bad.

2035imobsters says:

i would recommend making it 1 instead of half and also adding syrup, thats the way its done in the islands

ATL H says:

What kind of tequila can I use?

Edouard Blain-Noël says:

That’s not how you stir a drink…

culz says:

one time i went clubbing with some friends and i took one of these not knowing what it was and i drank that shit like water… half a hour later i woke up in my bed and it was already 10:50 and i didnt know what the fuck happened, i completely blacked out and i dont remember shit

jessica lin barnett says:

If I ever go to the bar, I want to order that. it looks good

Luke says:

What happened to this guy? Now all they have is grandpa Moses

Jonathan Ramirez says:

Your a grown ass man you need to curse more often 🙂

Liz Ray says:

I really wanted him to say Adios mother fccker.
Because it sounds fun.
Thanks for the vid.

Jonathan Perez says:

Why are people so scared of saying motherfucker

madola xiong says:

i had like 9 of these at las vegas, i was still fine untill i drank 1 thousand island, haha.

Amanda Brimage says:

We call this basically a walk me down

American Bartending School says:

Thanks for your comments.  Are you old enough to shave?

animatemasta says:

Very tasty drink! One time I had 2, big mistake. When I came home, my mom says “where the hell have you been?!” I was so drunk that I tripped on a chair and landed on a glass table and shattered it, my mom was angrier than the fucking hulk!

Richard A says:

I had 7 of these on my 21st birthday lmao I was out of control the next morning

SmartFabian007 says:

as an bartender also, i learnd that is called also tropical island ice tea or hawaiin long ice tea

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