Bad Unboxing – Mantry [Cocktail Mixers] *Vomit*

A lot of people have been saying the unboxing are too “good”. Well this one is really bad, I hope you enjoy it. To be fair to mantry, their cocktail mixers are good. Just not when used with milk and v8.
(sorry I forgot to upload on friday. I’ll try to make that not happen again)

Mantry Cocktail Mixers:

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This is a video series where I unbox an item and review it. I unbox all sorts of cool stuff. Some examples include: food, toys, and subscription boxes. The gimmick is, I do a bad job. This isn’t an unboxing therapy channel, and I don’t unbox the latest tech gadgets. If I need a graphics card, I might unbox that.


Bill Cosby says:

I have crippling cancer-osteoporosis

Ian Prange says:

bro i actually shat my pants
fuck i gotta go take a shit

Patricia Marquez says:

Watching this while being sick with an infection <3 yum

exorcie says:

That bubble poke at the end tho


I felt bad when he drank the second one and like…vomited out his nasal cavity

Punisher 72346 says:

Hey it’s actually not that hard to get down (5 seconds later) *throws up*

Jep Lwen says:

idubbbz swallowed the water like his eating a medicine

Joseph Stovall says:

Easy in easy out

Israel Uwnauich says:

This guy’s sick

Angel says:

That was the fakest video ever cuz he switched the drink with coffee font believe me go back

Will says:

This was the first vid I’ve ever watched by him.

An1me Stuck says:

Milk has the pH of water which is around 7.0

plumbus plumbus says:

I almost threw up watching the end part.

Nathan Jones says:

5:49… why why why!?!?,?!

PoniponiPoni321 says:

Money Shot! 6:30

destroyer 1100 says:

Its sweeet……… thows up *facepalm*

BONK BRO says:

this was fnny asf

TheGoldenZombie says:

Did he throw up on the bloody Mary cocktail

Lizeth Hughbanks says:

I just completely wonder how he is still alive

PuttyGuts says:

Well this was the beginning of a downward spiral into chronic depression

Circumlocution says:

We like to drink with Ian cuz, Ian is our mate! We like to drink with Ian cuz he gets it down in 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!

Emily Hernandez-Angeles says:


Edgertonian says:

Stus bloody mary mix looks like old lady diarrhea.

The Legendary One says:

To all those saying that he reviewed some pickles and poured pickle juice on him. He also said it could have been that he didn’t shake it before drinking.

Sheepa Geddon says:

*That’ll light’cha up*

Matthew Jones says:

That’s how a gay retard throw up?

False Flow says:

milks an acid

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