Bionic Bar! Robotic Bartenders Mix Drinks on Quantum of the Seas – Royal Caribbean

Robotic bartenders mix up your drinks at the Bionic Bar on Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas cruise ship!


Excelsior F says:

Both can serve 100 drinks an hour together and it doesn’t whine for tips or wages!
This is nice capitalism

Liam Wright says:

Lucky! wanted to go on this ship since I knew it was being made!

Wax Mop says:

My bartender can do it faster, and even helps the economy.

Octavio Torres says:

They should put one of this in my bar to pick some mint for me, that will be a real help

Reverend Al says:

Lame. It only has one arm.

George Bowerman says:

Now this is what should be used with Kuka technology!

BellinghamsterTrail says:

The RoboBartenders are so cool.  I would like to see Robotic Room Stewards as well. 

rrrohan2288 says:

finally a bt that doesnt only serve hot babes first

Brandon Green says:

Seems like it would get boring really fast. Where’s the personality?

reinplat says:

I was waiting for Sarah Connor to burst into the room and blow those things to pieces …

Sam Paul says:

Do they still charge the mandatory `18Percent tip that cruise lines add to the bill?

bigbraz says:

I expected to be faster and more visually enticing. This a big let down. On the upside, I’m sure that liquor cost will be amazing now.

flakecorns says:

the inventers were like: let’s build robot bartenders so people find it awesome and keep ordering drinks even if they’re not thursty at all so we can make more monehsssss….

dan angelo bo says:

This is the reason ,, why bartenders dont have work, lol
Not entertaining, sometimes robot can have a problem error, and it will punch you lol!

Hamburger247 says:

If I could get that Robot arm to jack me off the same way I’d not have hand cramps anymore

Joey's Chin Licker says:

These robots don’t take tips

alch3myau says:

Would have rather of watched these guys in the movie Cocktail instead of Tom Cruise.

wipout1 says:

how completely boring and impersonal!
half the fun is watching the bartender juggle drinks and wondering if he/she will make the catch!

you may as well scrap the bar, save some space and stick in a vending machine.

Zack Halladay says:

No personality, was semi-hoping to complain about politics, religion, and the general asshole behavior of others to a robot with a degree in mixology.

ThemeParkMite says:

This is cool and all.
But what the fuck is the point?

Evolution Inc. says:

Tell Marty we have these. No hoverboards though.

Brian Bierman says:

That’s cute…
I could serve a dozen people in the time it takes for the robot to make 1 drink.

Professional Artist says:

He doesn’t talk much, does he?

Dominik MJ says:

Honestly – it is stupid!
It would innovative, if it would improve a problem.
What I see is, that these robot arms (which cost 100,000’s of dollars) are slower, even not more hygienic (cup isn’t rinsed) and don’t even make drinks better. So why? Just as a “cheap” attraction?

All cocktail robots I came across, had so many limitations, that it was stupid even to think of implementing one in an operation.

The issue is here, that there are engineers, which tackle some of the issues, but don’t ask professionals, what is really important. There are definitely things, a robot could make better… unfortunately up to this point, no solution tackled the issues.

R46E562 says:

“They took our jobs!” -South Park reference

ziggy2070 says:

Needs to be faster. Much faster.

The Grabisoft says:

by the time this shit makes the fucking drink.. i would be already drunk

Patricia Realmuto says:

that is really cool

james waxman says:

“These aren’t the droids we’re looking for.”

asdfasdfasdfasdfasdf says:


Oisín Mac Cumhaill says:

Well…that’s the end of me.

Stephen Eoanou says:

The inventors forget that bartenders are part time therapists who listen to the problems of their patrons. Can’t talk to a robot, unfortunately. I’m tired of all this automation to be quite frank. I hate how lazy people have gotten. People are already getting to lazy to get out their homes.

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