Blue Hawaii Cocktail Drink Video

Blue Hawaii Cocktail Drink Video is one of the most popular Hawaiian and tropical drink recipes. More drink recipes http://
3/ oz. light run
3/4 oz. vodka
1.2 oz, blue curacao
1 oz, cream of coconut syrup
2 oz. pineapple juice
1 oz. sweet and sour bar mix
cherry garnish


The Decoy says:

could not find coconut syrup in a grocery store, used sunscreen instead.

Golden Calavera says:

I think you mixed the recipe for two different cocktails here:the Blue Hawaii and the Blue Hawaiian. The Blue Hawaii has also vodka in it but no coconut. The Blue Hawaiian has the coconut but no sour mix.

butternuttification says:

where can i find that at? do you have a link for it?

Funaki .Chidori says:

whats sweet and sour

Ever Vera says:

Una simple pregunta! Podrian poner una simple traduccion al video me cuesta mucho seguirlos!

SniperXXL says:

Sorry dude but this video is a mistake ……. u have the recipe run/vodka/bluecoracao…….  in the video u dont put the VODKA!!!!!!! so ….

Henry James says:

you could do, but malibu is a very overatted drink filled with e-numbers

MizzLizz says:

Most simple way of making this is

Malibu coconut rum
blue curacao
pineapple juice
Shake over ice
Stain into glass with ice
Garnish with piece of pineapple/chrrry/orange [your choice or all 3]

La Manson says:

omg this looks amazing

장동완 says:


Jenna Morrisson says:

Become a bartender in 2 or 1 week?

REAP3Rzero says:

you’re right

oscar bnd says:

that so true you could of had a chilled glass and then poured the mix

thebenco21 says:

my guess is that u had a “sex in the jungle”

Joshua Kristall-Wagner says:

Jesus christ this channel sucks… you wanna learn how to make drinks good, presentable, and correctly? Go check out “How to Drink”‘s channel. He’s never worked in a bar but his videos are 10x better in quality as is his drinks. Seriously, do yourself a favor and check it out.

HomeownerRepair says:

Looks like a pretty good drink, I’ll have to try making them. Thanks for the great video!

mjjbrat1982 says:

i always wanted to try on of these but was never sure what was in it but ty for letting us know what you put in it 🙂 i might try one of these sometime to see what it taste like

butternuttification says:

is there such a drink as a blueish green color “sex on the beach” my friend had it in a bottle with a blue/green label he got it in WV it was the best drink ever and i cannot find it anywhere. i dont know if this is it or not all i know is it is 100% a tropical drink

KrazeDoesIt says:

Definitely Malibu over coconut syrup… Too much sugar in that crap.

bogart ronzon says:

please ingredients

American Bartending School says:

Thanks for the recipe.

Brian Rapp says:

1961jenny maxwell my mom from norway laurel canyon was ellie in blue hawaii we loved thé bamboo bar at the luau resterant of beverly Hills canyonlocalfilmscom

HaskelCausey says:

The one I make at my bar is better. I 86 the coconut syup and add coconut rum (Malibu). Has a darker blue color to it too, people say it’s awesome.

Jorge Navarro says:


Melvin Ruiz says:

bartending school using store bought sweet and sour…

Alberto Piaia says:

No water strained out of glass and shaker, sweet and sour premixed, awful shaking technique, straw too short, no napkins when served.
What are you teaching?

Poor Man's Gourmet Kitchen says:

END OF VIDEO: Become a Bartender in only 1 week?? WTF

megaleadjp says:

I took this course. I also took the 4 week dentist course. Best investment I ever did.

Jay Kay says:

1/2 oz. vodka
1/2 oz. gin
1/2 oz. tequila
1/2 oz. light rum
1/2 oz. dark rum
1/2 oz. dry vermouth
1/2 oz. sweet vermouth
2 tbsp. grenadine
1 tsp. lemon or lime juice

Collins glass, pour over ice, fill with cola, stir. Add 7 cherries.

RazieLbboy says:

try this one
3 cl Malibu
2 cl creme de banane
2 cl Blue curacao
10 cl pineapple juice

requemao says:

Actually no, he is not right. That ice is meant to melt partially and water down the mix. It is pretty much the same if the ice stands there for a minute while you mix the drink, it will not melt any more or less. Even room temperature will have a bigger effect than that on the result.

Bressi Giorgia says:

ciu ciu ciu, salute jackson WE ARE CIU CIU CIU THE SEEEEEEA

Lisa. Danley says:

BlueHawaii cocktail drink

FireFly79 says:

did he just use sour mix? terrible!!

Marc Puigantell says:

that is not coconut syrup. that is coco real, a brand of coconut CREAM.

Stalker Walker says:

Where is the Vodka?

jeff Fisher says:

the bar I work at doesn’t have the sweet and sour and all the other stuff, can I use Malibu + Blue Curacao ? Seems to be the same thing

thanks !

Warriors of Hunger says:

Is like piña colada with a blue color…

Golden Calavera says:

I thought the blue hawaii was rum,vodka,blue curaçao,sour mix and pinneapple and the blue hawaiian was rum,coconut milk,blue curaçao and pinneapple.
It’s hard to know the real recipe because under the same name you can find different ingredientes and measures…one’s never sure.

aprilbaby says:

so basically this is a blue piña colada…

koolbiga says:

Holy Moly i wanna have a Blue Hawaii !

Randolph de Leon says:

This channel is taking a lot of heat… I’m no bartending expert but this guy here is a lot better to watch than that other, much older looking guy

Henry James says:

you can buy it from a grocery store, or just mix sugar syrup and lemon juice until the result tastes balanced!

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