Blue Motherf*cker Drink Recipe – This is a drink request that’s been sitting for a long time, the Blue Motherfucker, as requested by Custer Hoff. I was confused by the fact that there seem to be two recipes that receive equal coverage, so we just show you both ways. The first Blue Fucker is basically a little bit of all your liquor plus blue curacao, Sprite, and sweet and sour. The second Blue Motherfucker is equal portions of citrus vodka, sweet and sour and blue curacao. No matter which way you turn, you’re bound to get hammered. You’re welcome.

0.5 oz vodka
0.5 oz rum
0.5 oz tequila
0.5 oz gin
0.5 oz blue curacao
Splash sweet and sour
Top with Sprite

Equal portions:
Absolut Citron vodka
Blue curacao
Sweet and sour mix

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Happy Drinking~!

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MachineGunMouth says:

yessir one of my favorite bar drinks. appreciate the video 🙂 says:

Then you have ice chunks in your drink, that’s about it. says:

Right on, Bernard, welcome to the party!

ghetto c says:

You’re one cool ass white boy says:

Okay, cool. That’s good to know. I’m so not used to the Boston shaker yet.

Edward's Vape Reviews says:

on #2 i take out one oz of sweet sour and drop in one oz of rum. turns out badass

Stldoglover9 says:

Were you nervous making this video? What is your favorite drink? says:

OK, I will definitely try this the opposite way from now on. Thanks!

Alexander pariente says:

Hahaha,lol. You are man,nice drink

Robert Johnson says:

Bluemotherfucker#1 was good and strong! says:

Hells to the yeah.

EnragedSeaCow says:

Fuck yeah about time FNDC got a sponsor!! says:

Basically some equipment and some alcohol, but we will take it! It all helps keep us going.

Marquis Reed says:

Two of these and I’m on my ass

Jay Hawkins says:

I had three of these them hoes fucked me up says:

I’ve never really been nervous at all, but my delivery has gotten better since we first started. Look at at our very first videos and you’ll see what I mean. There’s quite a few drinks that I would rank a 9 or a 10 that we’ve done: The Angel, the Mai Tai, Zombie, Raspberry Truffle, World’s Best Espresso Martini, honestly, almost too many to rattle off. When not in front of the camera, we mostly drink fresh Whisky Sours, Jagerbombs, Red Headed Sluts – simple but satisfying things like that.

Jim Bell says:

When you couldnt get the shaker off the glass, after you are done shaking you always leave the liquid in the shaker, and have the glass on top. Easier to pull off

Jim Bell says:

Also runs the risk of breaking the mouth of the glass and gettin glass in your drink as you were banging on the shaker. Looks like a good drink as i enjoy the audios MFer it seems like it is a similiar drink as you said. Sounds good for getting smashed on a hot day im going to try this

Michael says:

my dad told me about this drink, I would love to make it

PyroBernardo Boomin says:

Wooo I subbed! Drinks are AMAZING!! says:

We did one a while back that was a Purple MF, too.

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