Cocktail Bar Tools You Must Have / Required & Recommended

When creating cocktails, what are the required bar tools to get the job done? There are a few great bar tools that will get the job done and a few extras you can use if you want to expand your game.

A few of the key bar tools include the bar spoon, jigger, muddlers, boston shaker and a strainer to go with it (julep strainer is optional but not an expensive addition). Don’t forget, you’ll need a lemon squeeze because if you’re not creating cocktails with fresh fruit you’re doing it wrong.

Of course, don’t forget a cutting board!

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Steve lange says:

Whens the last time curd was on the show miss that guy love the show buddy

ShortalayPlays says:

Just noticed the description discourages using fresh fruit due to a typo 😛

Santosh Palaniswamy says:

Good List 🙂 I would also add

1. Bar Mat – Like the one you have. Makes it easier to clean up after making a bunch of cocktails
2. Peeler and Grater/Zester – To make garnish
3. Ice cube trays – Make different size ice to control dilution of drinks
4. Lewis bag or bar towel – To make crushed ice
5. Pourer’s – very optional
6. Bottle opener
7. Corkscrew

If you have trouble opening your 3 piece shaker and you will have trouble opening them, just give the shaker a hard tap or a karate chop where the shaker and the strainer meet.

Kevin Yepez says:

Awesome video, I actually purchased a Cobbler Shaker and a Japanese Strainer from a japan store online and the cobbler is the best one I have ever used, One tap and it will open very easy for me. Depends on where you get it but most will always be bad 😀

Drinks with Tash says:

Sounds delicious! I will give this a shot 🙂

Yyyyle says:

I’ve been looking for a video on this, for a while! Good stuff

Cheap Eats says:

Is there any difference between the metals (such as a copper shaker to a steel shaker or even the pony/jigger measuring device)?

Joel1031 says:

This and the “More You Know” series you have are awesome. I’m starting to get into building up a home bar and this stuff is super informative.

Dave G says:

Love this series. Hope it works out for you.

Hans Martin Stokkenes says:

Where did u get those awesome squeezers?

Joshua Kleiner says:

I’ve got a metal version of the oxo. I think they sold it at target or something. I have the larger plastic ones for cooking and yeah stuff started wearing off, that white part underneath the numbers.

SoCal Gal says:

WOW~ Derrick! Awesome videos! I feel so much more knowledgeable after watching a few of your videos! Thank You!

zero one says:

I’m new to the bar scene, what is a good n easy drink to ask for? thanks

Aimee Flores says:

“You can kill ppl with it”
Great video thank you !


Great info for a newbie. Thanks very much for the video Derrick!!!

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