Hey Guys in This video I show you how to get lit even if your only 13 yo like me :))) SUBSCRIBE AND TURNON POST NOTFICATIONS TO BE NOTIFIED EVERYTIME I UPLOAD!
Karina Garcia channel:


Tara Swanson says:

You are hilarious

Jessica Tucker says:

Karina sent me to this awesome video

Tiffani Taylor says:

Karina bear sent me

Katy Armstrong says:

All you need is mocktails. You can find them in Walmart

Evanna Handy says:

karina sent me

C L Walker says:

Karina sent me

Maria Casquero machetti says:

i am going to try this diy’s

Hallee Johnson says:

Karina sent me.

Darkclouds gaming says:


Tiffani Taylor says:

Karina Garcia I mean sorry

brooke fallon says:

sorry that was my little sister sent that by accident

Addison Smith says:

Kirina sent me

Draco 2108652 says:

karina sent me and pause at 0:15

Chase C. says:


FreakyAna says:

I’m totally going to have to make this!

Nia Bhudia says:

karina garcia sent be

Laurie Cochran says:

cool light up cup that cocktail looks like it would taste good

Music Tutorials says:

Hey Karina sent me

Chana Camarillo says:


shrek's uncle says:

love u, but stare at the lens

brooke fallon says:

hi you are not fire anna

Dani California says:

Karina sent me

Rabiyyah Shahid says:

Karina sent me

Milk and Oreo's says:

Katrina Sent me…

Darkclouds gaming says:

She sent me

patrick zutphen says:

Dude look into the camera

Dayana Barahona says:

Karina Garcia sent meh

Alayna Grace says:

Karina sent me

Josue Rosendo says:

I was sent from Karina and I subscribed!!!

Kierin Cole says:

Karina sent me

Darkclouds gaming says:

I followed u on everything

Carolyn Taylor says:

Karina sent me

Thankmelater says:

4min for one fucking drink !!!!??

Jayden Stephens says:


HelLOL says:

Your background music is my favourite song

Marlene Saez Gomez says:

Sent by Hey Girl Hey – Karina Garcia

heyFIGIEL hey!!! says:

coktail for kids is a mocktail

Ashley Rodriguez says:

Karina sent me

brooke fallon says:

sorry she was saying your not a freakyAna she is another person sorry

Sherri Gaming says:

now I can drink without my friends yelling at me lmao. jk ❤

ThisIsNajma says:

karma sent me

Gigliola Raposo says:


Maleah Madina says:

Karina Garcia sent me

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