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We bought $350 worth of booze to make an EPIC MARGARITA JUNGLE JUICE!

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14 Bottles Tequila
4 Bottles Triple Sec
4 Bottles Peach Schnapps
1 Bottle Fresh Squeeze Lime Juice
4 Gallons Orange Juice
6 Bottles Pineapple Juice
6 Oranges
5 Mangos
2 Pineapples
2 Mini Watermelons
20 Limes

14 Botellas de Tequila
4 Botellas de Triple Sec
4 Botellas de Licor de Durazno
1 Botella de Jugo de Limón
4 Galones de Jugo de Naranja
6 Botellas de Jugo de Piña
6 Naranjas
5 Mangos
2 Piñas
2 Mini Sandías
20 Limones

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KayleeCasey3875 says:

Was DeStorm Powers their

Melissa Marchant-Stewart says:

tequila tequila

carlos says:

Does anyone know the name of the video song at the end?

Alex Yu says:

What’s the song called at the end ?

Breanna Sumner says:

yoooo try this with red Tampico shit’s knocking

Amanda Smith says:

Are you friends with celebrities?

Jakobi Powell says:

If I see ONE more comment about Winston, I’m gonna kill myself.

Filmai lietuviškai says:

Alcohol with juice WOW!!

Justin Pigg says:

Any idea how big that container is they mixed the drink up in

Jimmy Goblin says:

Juice and tequila?

ryan phillips says:


Sunnyside Up says:


Taesmith82958 says:

What tequila bottles those are?

Tamy Gutierrez says:

hola quiero prepararlo pero como para 20 personas que cantidad tendría q ocupar de licor ????????

Micah Vick says:

it just amazes, and deeply saddens, me how some people actually think their self-worth can be measured by how much “better” at drinking than others they perceive themselves to be. Drink your patron, you Mobile Home park MVP. There’s nothing sadder than watching an impoverished person spending all the money they have on “expensive” liquor – just cause someone is a stupid dumbass doesn’t mean I can’t feel sorry. They’re just such suckers. At least the real alcoholics know the only thing that matters is ethanol. There are no complex yet subtle chemical melanges that make a difference, save of course for thujone. Ethanol is the Sole factor in what you feel from liquor. the only feeling you get from the liquor sitting over a decade in a tree’s corpse is a misplaced sense of superiority. although I suppose that the liquor company gets the feeling of satisfaction from ripping off some sucker.

Patron is a good example. hell, even you connoisseur conned-men(notice, not “con” men; “conned” men) caught onto the fact that it was all marketing and no substance. there’s no way you were gonna let then keep ripping you off for a century. sure, they raped you good for decades and decades on end, but never centuries, right… you’re just too smart….and educated in liquor…lol….

asad hussain says:

Waste of fruits and money

Smid 429 says:

Can i please live with you?! Your parties must be awesome

keepitreal says:

Dam you alcoholics lol

Lonely Owl says:

About 160 million views on Facebook. Okay youtube.

dejot66 says:

jeszcze kupy nygusa tam brakuje i mozecie spozywac 😛


What’s the name of the songm

Smid 429 says:

Thats winston thereeeee!! Thats amazing

IDthief says:

thats some cheap ass liquor

Hugo HKSL says:

para mi cumpleaños

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