Excellent True Blood Soda Drink Review

Check out my review on the hot new drink inspired by the series True Blood. This is a wonderful blood orange carbonated soda that also contains a kick of caffeine and is bottled to look just like the synthetic blood supplement that the vampires drink on the show. I’ll give you a look at the drink as well as supply you with a few cool ideas for cocktail recipes using this fangtastic soda.


Shane2715 says:

Ive seen them in forbidden planet in Dublin they always have them in stock

Foolish Mastermind says:

is it still for sale?

Mike's Organic Videos says:

THIS PRODUCT WAS INEVITABLE! I love the show, even though there have been a lot of WTF Moments the past few seasons…And I like Blood Orange, Like you, I drink Almond Milk (well, have it with Granola and in my Mango smoothies) But I guess i’m gonna have to check this out! (Hey! It’ll give me “Mad Props” for Halloween – I mean that BOTH ways! Thanks for posting this!

Raven Hill says:

mine was orange red…not that red

mytinywetsuit says:

You could try forbidden planet, i’m pretty sure they still have it.

Bee Trippin says:

Hbo true blood store has everthing on the show…frm the clothes the wear down to the little props frm the show….i effin love it 🙂

Natallyia Giovanni says:

where can you buy the drink

Muscle & Motors Gaming says:

I think it’s because Governor Truman Burrell decided to put Hep-V in all of the Tru Blood…

Zachary Zschiegner says:

Oh my!
I am going to alert my Mom about this xD

Muscle & Motors Gaming says:

LOL you’ve got to be kidding right?! I’d be a little afraid to drink it if it wasn’t blood red.

Laughing Chinaman says:

when i had it it felt thicker in my mouth than most sodas, that might just be me though

John Engle says:

What’s up with the scale…@4:01 don’t tell me your measuring portions of food

Indie Now says:

hello! Pleasee answer! i am just wondering if they still sell it? I’ve been looking everywhere and can’t find it anywhere! not even in hot topic D:

darkkissesful says:

where did you get it?

Fernanda Valladolid says:

Where I can buy the drink true blood?

msvaping Unicorn says:

they should have made it darker red but still want some

Muscle & Motors Gaming says:

Hey! Thanks for checking it out. I completely agree with the WTF moments in the past few seasons! Especially the season finale last week…. Anyways I’m a bit of a health nut myself so def a big fan of the almond milk. Have some flax meal up on the top shelf too if you look 🙂

Ricky L says:

Oh rly

Ricky L says:

Why don’t they sell it anymore? I never got to try it.

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