How to Drink: Manhattan

This week I’m making a Manhattan. It’s a simple and classic drink that goes back to the 1800’s and it’s very difficult to improve upon, so I don’t. My personal preference here is to not complicate things and just do it with Rye, Vermouth and Bitters. You’ll get a huge variety of results experimenting with different labels using the same ratio.

2 oz. Rye
1 oz. Vermouth
2 Dashes bitters
Garnish with a cherry

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Music: The Savoy Special by Glenn Crytzer’s Savoy Seven


kbernstar says:

When mixing drinks over ice and then straining it, how much is it about chilling the drink and how much is it about getting a touch of water into it from the melted ice?

mynameisreza1 says:

this guy reminds me of chris pratt

Alonso Castro says:

So now I’m binging on old episodes since I only just found this channel. You’re my new favorite cocktail pusher. Anyway, I noticed with stirred drinks you set the julep strainer with the concave side up. To me that feels upside down. Any reason?

Matgeek says:

Dude, this is without a doubt one of the best channels I’ve ever come across. Super entertaining! Been binge watching and just can’t stop. You’re doing a great job!

Ryan Baxter says:

Great video as always…keep em coming! Question: are those droppers in the Bittermens equal to one dash? I have that same xocolatl mole bitter and always thought it dropped much more than a dash from a typical angostura bottle with the little hole.

metube says:

So hes never had a job in a bar but hes been a bar back? Someone explain please?

Dylan McKeagney says:

Rittenhouse Rye is great for a Manhattan my dude.

Doyle449 says:

You hated this drink didnt you ! … I also hate them 🙂

davidlaziness says:

Try replacing the vermouth with Jager (I know), and you have a black Manhattan! Delish.

Fillip Holgersen says:

Dolin vermouth is not really anywhere here in DK. Is it a sweet, rosso or dry vermouth?

Alexander Ashley says:

Please keep this channel going. You’re such a great help with learning and your videos are very well made. I love it

Andrew Frampton says:

Dolin: doe-LEEN is the correct pronunciation.

Vineas Munch says:

Love these videos, great production, and great drinks. Props to whoever is working the camera too. 🙂

Keep it up! Would love to see how you do a MAI TAI.


hey youtube this man deserves 1 million subs so let’s make it happen

Andrew Squitiro says:

Am I an idiot for believing that bit about Ellis Island?

Charles Purvis says:

So I have a favorite Manhattan recipe that I’ll share here. I first had it at the Holborn Hotel in London, so I call it the Holborn, natch. Anyway, it’s;

3 oz. rye or bourbon whiskey (my personal fave is Angel’s Envy bourbon right now)
2/3 oz Carpano Antica sweet vermouth
1/3 oz Lillet Blanc
dash Regan’s orange bitters

It’s basically a fussy variation of a Perfect Manhattan, subbing Lillet for the dry vermouth. It’s great served “up,” but I prefer it poured over a giant clear ice cube. I’ll also add this is a GREAT version to put up in a barrel for a month. Makes it incredibly smooth.


Alonso Gil says:

I really hate some of the weird shit you put in these drinks. But my God if I don’t want to try these odd spins on classic drinks.
Also I love your style.

Scott Detweiler says:

Love your videos! For an upgrade to this, try Antica Carpana vermouth. It is BY FAR the best level-up you can do to make a Manhattan the best it can be. As an alternative (and we should call it by another name), try some Ancho liquor rather than vermouth, and it is amazing!

Moverat says:

Nice channel with nice images! Congratulation!

Atown Admiral says:

Last time I was this late to a How to Drink video I was discovering the channel for the first time

steen says:

Could you add metric measurements on screen? It would really help add to production value. Keep up the nice vids 😀

Alex Hsu says:

Dolin is pronounced (DU-lahn)

Carlos Rodriguez says:

Your first video I watched. I told myself – “If he doesn’t use rye I’m not watching any other of his videos…” Time to watch the rest…

Urban Bride Chic says:

Thank you, as always love your energy… Definitely sharing, our bride are going to love it!

cherylsadler1 says:

awesome luv the show keep it up

joshua hand says:

Too much vermouth

ASmartPerson says:

I’m 19 but I can’t stop watching you…

socalfoodie_ Adventurer says:

my personal recipe is 212
2 oz rye or Burbon (traditionally rye because it’s east coast spirit)
1 oz sweet vermouth (carpono antica)
2 dashes biters

stir serve it up with an orange skin garnish

212 is the area code of NYC btw

Luke Helmstetter says:

This Channel is Dope, Keep up the good work!

Grimey Reaper says:

I’ve never had one with chocolate bitters, only angosturas

PhilyCheese says:

2:41 what was that? looks like you were getting scolded by the Mrs.

Urotsukidoji1 says:

Who’s chocolate bitters did you use?

Andres Perez says:

Nice recepie. Love it!!

Polouks says:

The posh way was indeed the right way. As Dolin is french, it’s pronounced like vin (wine) & pain (bread) with a nasal vowel

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