How To Drink: Old Fashioned

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In this first ever episode of How To Drink I walk you through the process of making what might very be the first cocktail: The Old Fashioned. As I mention in the show, there are an awful lot of ways to make an Old Fashioned from muddled fruit to sugar cubes to departing from whiskey entirely and working with other spirits. At any rate, this is how I make them. If you’ve got a favorite recipe (or if you just want to hurl expletives at me for butchering your favorite drink) feel free to leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you! If you like the show and want to see more, please subscribe, a new episode comes out every Friday.

Music: The Savoy Special by Glenn Crytzer’s Savoy Seven


Onesimus R says:

I’m such a noob to drinks. I need even a break down of the ingredients! subscribed.

Ferkovics Benjámin says:

ooohhh boy, i love this drink my personal favorite!!

Joe Walters says:

Hey man, just found your channel. Loving it! With a maple syrup old fashioned what bourbon would you recommend?

Brandon Meza says:

your reactions make me crave a good cocktail myself

Lost In Discovery says:

Great channel. Binge-watched all your videos. Well edited.

Ian Dyer says:

For a sommelier-chosen selection of whiskeys for the old fashioned, and an entertaining video in its entirety, give this a watch!

Matt Adkins says:

Do you mind if I ask what brand of bourbon you used?

Tucker Newsome says:

Love the background music

Matt Dawber says:

Greg, why don’t you do an episode where you fat wash some bourbon and recreate the Benton’s Old Fashioned as a part of it? By the way, I tried one when I came over to NYC last summer for my honeymoon. You’re right – divine.

TheDrunkenDestrier says:

this inspired me to buy bitters for the first time and I just made a cocktail for the first time and now I will never stop drinking this thanks gregory you have killed me

Madeline Collier says:

How do you get ice like this!!

Michael Nelson says:

I hear cuphead in the background

daylon chavez says:

Man i like you’re videos I hope your still doing em

FamesWebb64 says:

I’ve always wanted to know how to make drinks like this, I think everyone should know how. I’ve watched like 20 of your videos today and I even ordered a bartender kit lol thank you sir. Subscribed!


Why would you strain this when you use one solid pice of ice and simple syrup instead of sugar? you could basically just make that straight in the glass when you do it this way. I usually strain it out of the mixing glass at my bar because i use cubed ice and want to poor it over fresh dry ice for the customer

Daniel Goslin says:

I like your vids you gotta turn on the AC, man lol. you’re always all sweaty

willie c says:

And subscribed!!! Awesome content man, I’ll be trying it your way for sure!

Terry and Shanill Payne says:

I had one made with bacon infused bourbon in Nashville and it was an experience to say the least. AMAZING drink

Wes Kamp says:

Do you think you’ll ever do videos for beginners, because I still feel like I need bare bones to feel like I know what I’m doing and I also don’t feel like I can trust many other sources.

Gallows toye says:

Dude I like your channel a lot.

Its Vizual says:

Professional edited, great music, good drink, youre entertaining. Loved the vid. Instantly subbed and notifications are on

RedDiamondCrew says:

Excited for more episodes, love the style.

Sky Tang says:

It’s 1 am what am I doing?

Winside DM says:

ew why is he sweating

speedboy6776 says:

This video is ridiculously pretentious.

Mike says:

“Hi I’m Greg, I’ve never worked in a bar. I worked a position as a bar back, then an apprentice in… I’ve been in bars”


Matt Adkins says:

Another Question: What’s the purpose of flaming the orange?

Omar Something says:

“Oh F**k Yes!! All Night!” I just made this drink its amazing!

Dan Baker says:

How to add sugar to booze

Jeffrey Ball says:

“Fuck yes! All night!” is right!

Mr. Bastos says:

What sort of Bourbon do you recommend? I have some Evan Williams, but bought it specifically for making vanilla extract.

Daniel Kättström says:

Ha I love it man! After working in a bar for over ten years I hate it! Now I just want to lick the spoon and drink my own fucking old fashioned! Thanks for these wonderful videos

Morgan Smith says:

I’ve seen some people use rye for an old fashioned, I love bourbon but I’m curious about rye, anybody know anything about michters rye and if it makes a good old fashioned?

william vammen says:

Very entertaining video and all, but the whole point of an old fashioned is that it is made the old fashioned way.
So making an old fashioned in a modern way kind of takes the whole old fashioned thing away

Cameron Findlay says:

Just found your channel… subscribed

Jonathan Moore says:

Glad I found your channel! I’m a bartender in SF, going to binge watch your videos to refresh my classic cocktail knowledge. Some drinks aren’t ordered for a while then when it pops up it’s embarrassing to forget!

Joel Pollack says:

I know how to make a mojito, but would love to see you make it

honor1231 says:

Found this in my recommendations after watching a lot of Binging with Babish videos….subscribed after one watch. Really good production quality, you should have way more subscribers.

Nick Burch says:

I tried an old fashioned many years ago and hated it, but I watched this video a few weeks ago and just had to try this. After buying all of the right ingredients, I have changed my tune. This is one of the best drinks I’ve ever had, and I made it myself! Many thanks!

Micah Hebert says:

I literally subscribed because of that mood swing 2:17 lmao hilarious. Btw it happened to me when I made this drink as well.

Evan Miles says:

That’s the whole enchilada, as they say

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