How to make a Blue Hawaii Cocktail | Epic Guys Bartending

The Blue Hawaii is a tropical cocktail made of Rum, Vodka, Pineapple Juice, and Blue Curacao.

Watch Epic Guy Randy show you how to make this tropical delight

The Blue Hawaii was invented in 1957 by Harry Yee, legendary head bartender of the Hilton Hawaiian Village when a Blue Curacao sales representative asked him to design a drink that featured the blue color of Curacao liqueur. After experimenting with several variations he settled on a version with the signature blue color, pineapple wedge, and cocktail umbrella.


linh nguyen says:

i would never drink at a bar where the bartender shakes my drinks like that. NEVER EVER

Barndonn says:


Bobo says:

Did you forgot the recipe? Looking to your left all the time, and yes, you just made swimming pool..

will love says:

Talked wayyy to much

chad Harris says:

Thts not hard 2 make. All u need really is rum, vodka, & blue corraco & pineapple juice & ur set.” Anothr great video.” U can learn hw 2 make these drinks ur self jst by watchn these videos.”

dplanet CH says:

calling your own channel epicguys…. lol

Mr. Avenger says:

Hey I’m opening my own sports bar in I love your tips on making great drinks.

JamJam Games says:

Why dose he read the scripted when he knows what to do???

Fahid Zaied says:

Background music is bad
U talk too much
And you’re so slow
Get straight to the point 🙂

Stefan Buckley says:

Please remove the music!!!

Irene Stewart says:

annoying music.

Andres Prieto says:

great,,,,,,made it,,,,,thank you ,,

gerrit101 says:

isnt that “juice” from the tinned pineapple rings just sugar water that absorbed some pineapple flavour?

bonehead0816 says:

what is that clamped to the bar top on the left side of the screen?

honda619boy says:

This is a strong drink

Curtis Blanton says:

Blue Hawaii and Blue Hawaiian. Two different drinks.

Cheryl Charming says:

FYI – Harry Yee turns 100 years old on September 26, 2018. There will be a celebration for him at the Hilton Hawaiian Village.

shan syed says:

Very nice , I just didn’t like the mix of such a good Vodka with such a cheap Rum .

The Memer says:

Epic guy Randy? Um ok dude

fieroavian says:

the background music drowns out your speech!

Silvia Ancheta says:

cheers Dec. 25 2016. Merry Christmas to all of you.

Camel burger says:

Where’s the coconut milk or coconut liquor

chad Harris says:

“Can U make a (blue Hawaii Margarita) in a blender??”


Background music is unbearable

Badrul R says:

where can i get that shirt?

Luis Espinoza says:

Real question tho, how are you epic?

EyeOfTheAussieSky says:

Good tutorial but the music was too loud and your voice was too quiet… remember for next time 🙂

Alex Layell says:

Do you have any advice for a guy starting to bartend?

Breton Bell says:

I love your Hawaiian shirt.

mjarkis says:

The music is a bit too loud compared to the speaking volume, great vids otherwise

Live Nation Clubs and Theaters says:

Hawaii? We are ready for our next vacation!
Get a taste of the tropics and learn how to make our signature rum drink, House of Blues’ Hurricane, and see why it’s a fan favorite!

Star Track says:

longest tutorial ever felt like a movie

The Jack says:

Could you add mailbu rum for extra taste?

Silvia Ancheta says:

I really like your videos. im planning on starting to build my own bar at home. looking forward to more of your videos. <3

Warriors of Hunger says:

This is the best blue Hawaiian ever. I like that blue color thanks for the tip about the pineapple juice.

Dorji Dolma says:

I couldn’t hear anything because of the background music.;(

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