How to make a Mojito Cocktail | Jamie Oliver

The Mojito is one of the world’s most popular cocktails, and no wonder – it’s delicious! Here Jamie Oliver shows you how to make his version of this Cuban classic using Bacardi white rum, fresh lime, young mint leaves, soda water, sugar and some crushed ice. Very simple, but very tasty! If you want to mix it up make sure you try the little twists Jamie suggests at the end of the video and let us know how you get on. Created in partnership with Bacardi.

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Have fun and please drink responsibly.


The Bass Box says:

That wink is beautiful

S600Li says:

Acc. to IBA no lime but only lime juice.

Manuel West says:

You never wanna muddle the mint that strongly since it releases bitter aromas coming from tannoids. Just gently free the essential oils.
First you add the lime pieces and the sugar. Muddle it fairly strong. Then the leaves which you wanna muddle carefully.

Mani Maker says:

Please smile

Malick Diarra says:

i want to make it without alcohol

vipin kumar says:


Jefrma says:

I used to visit this one place where the bartenders literally crushed those lovely poor leaves into tiny pieces. The first time it happened I assumed the young female bartender just made a mistake,so I didn’t say anything. Second time it was a foreigner in his thirties,same barbarism happened and I thought since his finnish wasn’t good that maybe they’d had a misunderstanding. But when the older regular bartender did the same I thought “these guys must have been told by the clients but they don’t care” so I took my money elsewhere for a good mojito.

Nat Wheeldon says:

Insted of white rum use vodka and instead of soda use ginger beer with fresh mint from the garden

gabriel san martin says:

can you make a pisco sour? chilean classic drink…thanks!!

Hayden Hawn says:

who came here because of Thad Castle

7v17Ezekiel says:

He looks rather pissed in the video..the spanking business is pure class! Italian stallions XD

GDR NS says:

It’s Cuba’s national drink… Havana Club is a good rum choice..

ttm lee says:

I have a question, what kind of mint should I use for this lovely mojito?

lotzie 101 says:

Love it

Davo Takagi says:

Loving the wink, Jamie

David Chen says:

I’m sorry, but can somebody tell me where did the rum go??!

Ronald David says:

what’s the name of the background music?

Nicole Salvin says:

”Always spank ya mint” hahahaha

Kalaskula2000 says:

I’ve seen some very tasty looking versions where the lime is not muddled at all but they rather used sqeezed limejuice instead 🙂

Carsten Schmidt says:


Анна Грановская says:

Absolutely amazing ,I boght all the ing today and made it like u said !!!!!thank u so much

Harald Becker says:

Oh Jamie , Mojito is not with Bacardi, it is with white cuban rum . You should know it……….

Natalia Kalmarova says:

Spank part was the best !;D one of the most talented creative chefs in the world doing even drinks ! perfect

Linda Tomasch says:

Hmmmmm wonderful!

Mintaka viatori patuit says:

Of course I spank my Mint, but I don’t do it in public, jeeez.

Chris HF says:

What kind of glass is that? Is it 30cl?

Liberty says:

Man I want to try that next time I go to a fancy bar.

leo altamirano says:

so no sprite or 7 up

Siddhesh More says:

I’m planning to make this today for my friends…… and of course Jamie with your blessings……….. Thank you….

ahmed KJ says:

thank jamie that my favorite cocktail i used to pay a fortune for this now make my own xxxxx

Huang Daisy says:

no soda water?

Dharmender Singh says:

hi buddy u make it easy easy with fun

Kim Lai says:

what oz glass should i use ? please reply me

AZ Street Heat says:

this guy is chill great video

Arundhati R says:

ohhh i love you jamie…. muaahhh

NeverTrustAcrazyGirl says:

Thanks Jamie for a good laugh and a amazing drink while on vacation!

Kunal Singh says:

I’ll follow this recipe. but what if I’ve to make it for 10/15 people?

B4zing4 says:

thats not a good mojito, u use sugar sirup and not sugar

Erik D.K says:

Ah c’mon Jamie everything was perfect but the white sugar???? Its brown sugar if we are talking about original of course and it’s totally different and better with brown sugar.

TheQuestionmark427 says:

99.9% of the time, Jamie does things better than I do. However, I tried using whole limes over fresh lime juice, and most people thought my mojitos went down in quality. But usually there’s at least some trick to pick up from any of his videos, and thanks to spanking the mint, I’ve gotten even better reviews on my “best” mojitos than before.

vipin kumar says:


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