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Recipe: 2 oz Rittenhouse Rye; Â_ oz lemon juice; Â_ oz simple syrup; 1 egg white. Shake and strain over fresh ice in a double rocks glass. Garnish with orange slice and cherry.

Whiskey sour is a cocktail that does not have the greatest reputation. I think the reason for that is that sour makes people think of sour mix, which is this disgusting, processed fake ingredient. But you really shouldn’t be afraid, because sour is actually just a style of cocktail. Back in the 19th century a sour just meant a drink that had a spirit, citrus and some sugar or simple syrup. That’s really all a whiskey sour is, it’s whiskey, lemon juice and simple syrup.

One of my favorite things about this drink is it’s a great way to still have whiskey, if you really like whiskey in hot weather in the summer, because it’s a really refreshing drink. So we’re going to start with our spirit. Two ounces of rye whiskey, you can also use bourbon. I just love rye whiskey, let’s face it. But this is also a drink that bourbon works great in too.

Now we’ll do equal parts sugar and citrus. Three-quarters of an ounce of simple syrup. Again that’s just one part sugar to one part water dissolved together. Three-quarters of an ounce of fresh-squeezed lemon juice, very important. You know that’s the step that people decided they didn’t want to do, and so instead they created sour mix, which then made people hate the whiskey sour. So this is the most important ingredient in your whiskey sour.

Now I’m going to do something else that’s a very classic touch to the whiskey sour. It might scare you a little bit, but just bear with me. I’m going to add a little bit of egg white. There’s alcohol in there, so whatever fears you have of raw eggs, whatever could maybe be in there, the alcohol is going to kill, so don’t worry about that. What it’s going to do is not really add so much in the way of taste, but it’s going to add a really nice frothy texture that’s going to be great.

So we’re going to do the egg whites, so just separate the egg white. Here you go. Toss the rest. As always it is very handy to have a trash can nearby to make your life easier. Whenever there’s a raw egg in the drink, we’re going to do something called a dry shake, which means to shake it without ice first to emulsify the egg. Then we’ll shake it again with ice to chill it.

Just a few shakes to do that. You can see it’s nice and frothy. Now we’ll add our ice. Whiskey sour is a drink that you can serve on the rocks or up. I like it on the rocks, especially if you have those really nice ice cube trays that make the big 1 x 1 cubes, which I happen to have on hand. You’ll see the results in a minute.

Just so you can see, that ice cube is perfectly square. That means it won’t melt as fast in the drink. There are only four ice cubes in there, so it won’t water down your drink too fast. Okay, and now it’s time to shake for real. Oh yeah, check this out. See how frothy that is? It gives it a really nice, silky texture. That’s all from the egg white and again, it’s not really going to add anything in the way of flavor.

We’re going to garnish the whiskey sour with an orange and cherry flag. it will really liven things up. See we have a toothpick, you kind of spear it like that and then grab your cherries. One right on top and then sort of get in there, so the top is poking out. And there you have it, so no need to be afraid anymore. That is how you make a classic whiskey sour.


Brian Nguyen says:

Disliked because he just threw away the egg yolk.

Joona Havisalmi says:

Criminal activity to put sugar and lemon juice 50-50. Damn sweet tooth americans.

Madhavan says:

tried this…was awesome…but this the made the hit level a bit low…

The Evilish says:

did everything right. that shake tho

Kartik Trivikram says:

good … but why waste that yolk? ,… please don’t waste food!

Emad Om. says:

Could anyone tell me how many ounces that whisky glass he is using ?

Miguel Guerra says:

This turned out great and all my guests loved the drink. Thanks.

randomuser1105 says:

Everything was fine until that goddamn egg white showed up.

Dave Bitters says:

My #1 Cocktail

Penny Goodfellow says:

Absolutely fantastic,…. I tried this drink with and without the egg white and with the egg white it gave the drink a totally smooth and balancing dynamic. The egg white does not add flavor but it adds balance and evens out the flavors. Top notch cocktail, PLUS it gives you a protein boost as well. The end product is very smooth and very balanced. 2 Thumbs Up and topped with a couple taps of bitters makes this a PERFECT cocktail.

Fonetiker says:

What does people have against a ingrediance like Egg white? Is it because im not from a third world country?

TheEternalTimeTravel says:

He’s a nerd but I gotta give it to him, he’s gotta shake

ASocialistChannel Mirrored content says:

I make fresh sour mix at home. It’s just 1 part lemon 1 part lime and 1 part simple syrup, which I also make at home. If you use store bought sour mix that’s no good. But home made sour mix in my opinion is better than lemon juice by itself

T.J. C says:


aldobeltran63 says:

I’m so curious to try it! i hope my bar knows how to make a good one

Dominic Johnson says:

My Favorite New Drink. I’m In Love

Jesse Arevalo says:

It’s alright to me

Yun-Ri Su says:

I hope you’re all 21 and over.

If you’re not you better have parents permission before watching this.

mr sir says:

cocktail ‘expert’ you’re like 12 kid

Sagarsummer Adhik says:

What if I add a dash of angusta bitter too ?

Vonica B says:

Is it better to serve up or on the rocks?

Jane Smith says:

Damn. That shakin’ got me moist.

Mesorbit says:

My next go to drink

Iron Lung says:

What is three quarter of an ounce in ml?

bcr1124 says:

What about the bitters?

Manoj Yadav says:

Love it sir

Peter Sarmanian says:

what knife are you using to cut the fruit?

Evan Miller says:

I think I’m in love…. What a gorgeous human being!

Melissa Samms says:

Please don’t throw away your yolk. Put it in a small container and use it for your next carbonara or scrambled eggs or wherever you’re using eggs and want more richness.

ItsLloydM8 says:

Whiskey Sour is just the best drink ever. And I say that not even as a whiskey drinker. Oh, and the egg white makes the drink. The frothy and creamy texture seals the deal.

wildernessman says:

Citric acid also kills the Salmonella virus as well.

Maggie Koch says:

You, sir, have to be the classiest, most knowledgeable, and cutest cocktail mixer I’ve seen. Keep up the excellent work.

Chelsey Ffrench says:

Meh, no egg whites in mine thank you

Brandon Cleary says:

That looks like a damn good drink. These are the only Nowcast videos I can watch.

Cherry Tillett says:

boo please do one with no egg

Michael Dodd says:

That looks delicious!

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