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Recipe: 1.5 oz vodka. 1 oz coffee liqueur; 1 oz cream. Shake and strain over fresh ice in a rocks glass.

I like to think of the White Russian as the ultimate gateway cocktail. It certainly was for me, anyway. The White Russian was invented in the 1970’s when liqueur’s were very popular, like coffee liqueur, and of course as we all know, it was immortalized in the 1990’s by Jeff Bridges. And even though it is a symbol of irony in the eyes of most people, the rules still apply when making a White Russian as they do with all cocktails, fresh, real ingredients. So we have real cream, vodka, no mix, none of that stuff.

So let’s start with our spirit, vodka. One and a half ounces and I’ve got two three-quarter ounce jiggers here. One ounce of cream. I’m using cream here, instead of milk because we are going to shake this, which will add some dilution to it. So cream is a little thicker, and I just want the drink to maintain that really rich, delicious viscosity, you know kind of like dessert. Because let’s face it, that’s really what this is. This is really just an alcoholic dessert, a delightfully alcoholic dessert.

Delightfully alcoholic and dangerous dessert. And a one ounce of Kahlua. There are plenty of other coffee liqueur’s out there. It doesn’t have to be Kahlua. That’s the most common one you’re going to see though. And now I’m just going to grab my chilling rocks glass in the fridge. Okay, and as I said, I’m going to shake this, because there’s cream and a lot of thick ingredients, we really want to force those ingredients to mix together and stay together and we can set up our ice in our glass, too. All right, let’s do this. Okay, it smells the Cohen brothers. Okay, and that very simply is how you make a perfect White Russian.


Andrew Chen says:

At the risk of sounding ignorant, would double straining have made a difference here, or would the fine strainer start to separate the ingredients?

Julian nieto bermudez says:

don’t shake it dude

Andrew Piquette says:

They make a White Russian mix??? What a disgrace

triad prague says:

no milk? you,re out of your element!

AZinonos says:

I found this to be quite strong for my taste. What I found to be working well was this ratio:

Lots of ice
1 part vodka
0.5 – 0.75 part Kahlua
1.5 – 1.75 part milk (basically the same amount as the total of the 2 drinks above).

Of course you can replace “part” with whatever quantities you want 🙂

ThrewRedButter says:

A perfick White Russian made with coffee le-cure

McKinley Graves says:

The dude abides

Z trapberg says:

vodka bleghh … rum!

Tru Smiles Jones says:

I’m gonna make one right now lol

Hamza Asghar says:

careful man there’s a beverage here

sillyninja65 says:

really dont need to shake it xD

Daniel Metcalf says:

IT crowd anyone?

Venddeta9 says:

i dont have that shaky thing. is there any alternative to that?

Birdy says:

Why is he using a weight mesure instead of a volume measure, so annoying.

MerkinMuffly says:

Yeah, well, that’s just, like, your opinion, man, on how to make a white Russian.

Mia Wallace says:

Oh, the usual… I bowl. Drive around. The occasional acid flashback.

Zombie Fool says:

Be a Russian and impregnate another Russian. That’s how.

Jadi Peperzak says:

The dude abides

matt rowland says:

you forgot the T on your perfect though…

formigalformigal says:

“This is how to nail a white Russian on a beach in Mykonos”

Leon Mateo Escovar Bernal says:

All the dude ever wanted was his rug back.

james bond says:

Did you just shake a White Russian? Blasphemy

shaggy nurfhurder says:

made in the 60s. became popular in the 70s

Tatsuya Takizawa says:

i lol’d when he spilled the vodka while pouring, I thought he was an expert??!?

Daniel Hunter says:

I came here for the shaking.

Benny Young says:

Yeah a “perfec” white russian dude. Your shaking was awkward.

PleaseCiteYourSources Thanks says:

I’m germ conscious.  Don’t avoid touching ice cubes while scooping them up, but then touch them against your hand when you pour them!  Other than that, nice video!

Andy McC says:

The phone is ringing dude!!

Lyndsey N says:

yeaaaah. that’s a perfect drink!!!

Christopher Daly II says:

A perfik white russian 😉

Some Guy says:

So its a different variant of a colorado bulldog?

Hooligains 935 says:

ive got a beverage here man!!

tuna tuna says:

This will not stand..This aggression will not stand,man.

Penniless Jester says:

The dude abides, man

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