How to Make the Bahama Mama | Bartending 101

Today we’ll show you how to make the bahama mama, a fantastic summer time drink recipe for you and yours. The Bahama Mama comes in many variations but we’ll be doing a simple cocktail recipe that brings nuance and flavor without being a sweet bomb of sugars.

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The Bahama Mama is classified as a tropical cocktail recipe so if you’re into summer time island drinks, the bahama mama is your new friend. Not only will we show you how to make the bahama mama mixed drink, we’ll give you some cocktail tips to help those aspiring bartenders with their bartending 101 desires.

The bahama mama has a lot of cocktail variations but the best mixed drink of its name contains rum. So, let’s show you how to make a bahama mama with rum!

The Bahama Mama
– 1/4 oz coffee liqueur
– 1/2 oz dark rum
– 1/2 oz ​coconut rum
– 1/4 oz 151-proof (high-proof) rum
– 1/2 oz fresh lemon juice
– 4 oz ​pineapple juice
– Strawberry or ​cherry for garnish

The bahama mama is a shake and strain drink, so you’ll need a good shaker and a little arm love. This is a highly requested summer time cocktail so bartenders prepare to make these for your guests, and home mixologists need the bahama mama at their next summer time party. It’s a cocktail recipe worth keeping note of for future party time fun.
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Troommate says:

I didn’t know Bahama Mama’s were real thought they were just a drink from Scrubs.

Nicholas Brown says:

This is pretty much my go to bahama mama recipe so thank you. I think I used too dark a rum (bacardi’s) but I’ll probably switch to something lighter for a more pleasant visual when I run out. It’s still very good.

joyfulinternecion says:

Looks delicious!

Dylan Barth says:

Derrick. My man. This is a drink I have wanted to try for about 5 years, but never came across a recipe. Idk if you watch Scrubs, but there’s a very memorable moment that makes me want to try this drink. Thank you

Salvatore Grieco says:

I found out recently that Bacardi 151 was discontinued. I certainly won’t miss it 🙂

colton langley says:

Is there a suitable sub for pineapple juice that gives a similar flavor? I hate pineapple lol. Maybe mango?

There is only one KEK and Pepe is his prophet says:

the last time I was this early… I didn’t have anything clever to say then either

PhilipEnder says:

Looks very interesting! I will try this tomorrow!

Einhander49 says:

Coconut? Did you mean to say pineapple juice?

PJ F says:

what was the name of that cocktail you made with that guy that is a guest sometimes and he popped out from behind the counter….you made a drink in a bowl i think….it was some kind of tropical cocktail…..i cant find that video and i looked through all your vids

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