How To Make The Carolina Throat Yogurt Cocktail | Recipe Building 101

Omg, the Carolina Throat Yogurt is a cocktail designed on the set for anyone that wants to learn how to create a recipe. We designed this dessert Martini from scratch and learned as we did it.

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Scrappy’s Chocolate Bitters:

This dessert martini was designed first and the name came up last, from the live stream chat. The Carolina Throat Yogurt, while hilarious in name, goes through two recipe updates throughout the video so watch through to the end for the final recipe, as seen here:

Carolina Throat Yogurt
1.5 oz. Vodka
1 oz Irish Cream
1/2 oz. Frangelico Hazelnut Liqueur
Optional 6 Dashes Scrappy’s Chocolate Bitters
Egg White optional

This dessert martini is all about experimentation and flavor pairings–we know the Carolina Throat yogurt would be an Irish Cream to Vodka flavor tasting (we’re using Coole Swan Irish Cream) along side a bit of Hazelnut, just what you need for dessert flavor pairings.

If you’re looking to experiment with designing your own dessert martini, this might be something to consider or at least utilize a similar design plan: 1.5 oz of core spirit against 1.5 oz of other spirits and utilizing bitters to balance.
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xingcat says:

Cinemax after Dark Throat Yogurt. It could catch on.

Kevin Harold says:

How did you come up with that name haha

Vic Reece says:

Ive always like Gabriel Iglesias and Rick Gutierrez too

Dj Pat says:

3 men 1 cup swallowing white stuff out of a glass and calling it throat yogurt. Lol

anton rockoboac says:

sounds like a bad innuendo trying to force a state name in it.

also first

ShishkaBerry says:

Who else is named Carolina and literally dying right now XD

Still It says:

CTY lol

Travis Austin says:

Drink up Doug!!

sanchezjr13 says:

Derrick sounds like Dr. Giggles

Dylan Barth says:

Best vid in a long time!

Magnum Mack says:

Burt “The MACHINE”!!!!! So good.

Dave G says:

Many years ago Robin Williams was the last comedian to make me shoot water out of my nose. Don’t remember what he said but I remember the impact it had on me.

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