How To Make The Incredible Hulk Cocktail | College Party Drinks & Cognac

Let’s learn how to make the incredible hulk cocktail, a cocktail featuring hpnotiq and Hennessy cognac. This hpnotiq cocktail turns green (even though hpnotiq is blue) but when combined with yellowish Hennessy, you get incredible hulk colors.

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The Incredible Hulk cocktail recipe is fine for parties, has a unique “hpnotiq” flavor to it, which combines a potent vodka, floral notes and passion fruit against that of an oak aged rested spirit of cognac.

Okay, overall, the Incredible Hulk recipe is probably fine for college parties and newbie drinkers, but I can’t say this would be the cocktail recipe I’d choose for an event or to highlight cognac as a mixer. Honestly, I’m not 100% sold on why someone would buy hpnotiq to build out this recipe and, overall, the blend isn’t exactly the most tasty of spirits.

However, there is a subculture of hpnotiq fans and no doubt incredible hulk cocktail recipe fans so we won’t press our opinion on you too much…yet, at the same time… it’s a very potent spirit-forward drink with no juices or overall redeeming qualities.

But, it’s the Incredible Hulk, so you got that going for you…

The Incredible Hulk
– 2 oz Hpnotiq
– 2 oz. Hennessy / Cognac

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icerider50 says:

Lol damn man missed ya, your very energetic..can’t wait for more vids my man

Gabriel Williams says:

So great ideas so funny

Gabriel Williams says:

On Friday why not something tiki

Dan Watson says:

It should be four instead of two

Carlos Reyes says:

Make a Kentucky blizzard for all the bourbon lovers
Old fashion glass
1 1/2oz bourbon of choice
1oz grenadine
I teaspoon of white sugar
2oz of cranberry juice

Mix the sugar and grenadine and cranberry juice to break down the sugars..add ice…add the bourbon…stir it once again
No shakes! Lol and enjoy!!

Gabriel Williams says:

It rocks that u responded to me

Gabriel Williams says:

Epic any new vids soon

Sarah Chambers says:

For some reason I found this channel when I was 15, and I was inspired to be a bartender. 5 years later, mission accomplished. Thanks!

Gabriel Williams says:

Down to try one next week

PrimePerception says:

I’ll be amazed if this channel makes it another year. 87,000 subs and you struggle to get 2000 views. It is the same thing every single video, just a different drink. The quality isn’t bad, it is just the same all the time. You are beating a dead horse at this point. Change up the video style or something. I don’t know how you could be making any money off of it at this point. But, what do I know… I’m just an asset manager.

Balbi Rios says:

Thanks for waking my kid up with your loud yelling. Tone it down a bit please you a little nutty dood. And I don’t appreciates you sayin F-me. What kind of channel is this anywey… thumb down for this one. Sorry.

redmudpei says:

Fuck you !

Danny M says:

The Incredible Hulk is a full bottle of 9 point beer and half a bottle of Hypnotiq, it will leave you feeling and acting much like it’s namesake

Matthew Zydorczyk says:

Put it in your mouth hole. Fuck you. Lol!

Danny M says:

you guys should come up with a Rick and Morty themed drink, Jen could do the recipe and it would be a hit video since they are so popular right now

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