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Let’s learn how to make the madras cocktail, an easy vodka cocktail with few ingredients and good taste. Cranberry juice with orange juice combined with a bit of vodka and boom: The Madras Cocktail Recipe!

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To work a proper madras at home, you’ll want some cranberry juice cocktail (the bottled stuff) along side fresh squeezed orange juice. The Madras Cocktail recipe is a vodka based drink so the juices are going to be what brings out the flavor of this cocktail recipe while the vodka is just there to make it a “cocktail” and not a fruit punch style drink.

Easy vodka cocktails come supplied with easy to access ingredients and the Madras fits that category. The delicate flavors of a Madras only works because the spirit utilized isn’t extremely potent, however I could totally see gin working in a Madras recipe, although it’s probably already existing under a different name.

Make the Madras Cocktail at home or order it at a bar, I’m sure they can make it if you tell them what goes into it (although they’ll probably used canned orange juice). But, if you are a bartender, you should know how to build and serve the Madras Cocktail Recipe for your guests, maybe even suggest it to your vodka drinkers.

The Madras
1.5 oz Vodka
1.5 oz. Cranberry Juice
4 oz. Orange Juice
Orange Slice
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You should make a up a drink and call it the “category 5 hurricane”

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I watch every vid
Thank you for all these years of entertainment

Gabriel Williams says:

So awesome and interesting

ATMyller says:

So it’s sex on the beach, without the peach.

whenhen says:

This is a beautiful drink.I can’t wait to serve it.

stephen frazier says:

Am I tripping or are those not grapefruits?

Reid says:

A funny coincidence that this should show up in my feed on the same day as I’m making the “White Madras” for a party.

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