How to Make the Myers Detox Cocktail

Wendy’s potent Myers Detox Cocktail has been created after working with thousands of clients to help clients easily and simply detox from a wide range of heavy metals and chemicals.

Benefits include more energy, better sleep, better brain function and mood. Including improved thyroid function and metabolism.

The Myers Detox Cocktail contains all the supplements that Wendy recommends for detoxification.

– Liposomal Liquid Iodine – Iodine supports thyroid function and detoxes fluoride, chlorine that interfere in thyroid function. This special kind of iodine is suspended in liposomes (fats) for maximum absorption and utilization. Therefore you need much less than normal as more absorbs.
– Coriander Seed oil (Cilantro seed oil) – This aromatic oil detoxes mercury, lead, cadmium and other metals from the brain and body. It’s also effective for digestive issues, arthritis, fatigue & exhaustion, oily skin, stiffness and stomach cramps.
– Oceans Alive – A premium blend of two specially cultivated, hand-selected marine phytoplankton strains, Oceans Alive is like rocket fuel for your cells that contains all the nutrients and minerals your body requires for nutrition and detoxification.
– Biosil Metal Detox – used to detox heavy metals that cause fatigue and interfere in Mitochondria function including arsenic, aluminum, tin, thallium and fatigue.

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mrazik131 says:

Where to buy non fake products like you show???

monroe444444 says:

I bought the Panaseeda coriander seed oil, the Oceans Alive, and I have iodine and Biosil (capsules, not liquid). I have been taking these morning and evening for about 5 days but without juice. I don’t think I could stand three times a day. Just ghastly! I take chlorella powder about 30 minutes afterwards. But I’ve been having headaches, which I’m taking to be a sign of detox, because I never get headaches, and the headaches abate if I take activated charcoal. This morning I took modified citrus pectin about an hour after all of the above (no charcoal today) and no headaches today. I’m also experiencing terrible joint pain, today was the worst. I would say this is working. The strangest thing is I use a natural deodorant, which anyone who uses one knows they don’t work the best, and I don’t seem to have any odor. I would have thought it would have stayed the same or increased while detoxing. Please post your results if you are doing this too. Wondering if I should take a break in the way the Cutler protocol recommends. I should note that I have had all of my amalgams removed without going to a biological dentist (big mistake) and the last one was removed three years ago and I’ve been having issues since ~ anxiety and weight gain with inability to lose weight no matter what I do, and I do eat very healthily and work out every day.

M E says:

Thank you <3 Does this need to be followed with a binding agent and if so at what point (timing) and suggestions on what kind?? TIA

glockmeister says:

I was hoping to learn how to make a detox cocktail video. But, this was good too. 😉

fastlane133 says:

I will also like to know if people with metal filling in there mouth can use this cocktail? I would like to buy the product only if its safe while i have my amalgams.

Mike Bee says:

Excellent info, thank you!

Deidre Prozinski says:

Great video, Wendy! Would you take this in addition to, or in place of, the Mitotox and Activated Silica on your Mitochondria Detox protocol? Thank you 🙂


It’s nothing but quackery

Linda Priebe says:

Hi Wendy, I’m wondering if you would recommend a “cocktail” for detoxing from nickel, tin, chromium, stainless steel, platinum, iridium and silver…I think those are all of the components. I had a permanent birth control device known as Essure removed recently and am still having many issues and am seeing a rheumatologist now. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

n k says:

What is your opinion of Dr Andrew Cutlers work? and the specific avoidance of coriander for heavy metal detoxing because we do not know the molecules half life. Thank you.

Fed Up With Fatigue says:

Is it safe to use this if you still have amalgam fillings?

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