How to Shake Two Cocktails at Once
Working in a busy bar? Here’s the technique for shaking two cocktails at once without looking (too) goofy.


gillian owens says:

Thanks the tips I need to known for Beverage

Divad Mlap says:

great stuff

Andrew M says:

Wow thank you so much that helped

Miquel Subirà says:

hey may I rec a video showing you how do I do it?

TheMcgreary says:

Honestly I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to get a friend to open the shaker for me because I’ve put too much pressure on the shaker, that’s why I like to close the shaker from an angle, since it causes less pressure.

Emmanuel Mayorga says:


SuthnautR says:

I use the straight up and down piston shake at full speed at full power. There’s no way two shakers won’t fly out of my hands. The Hawthorne strainer coil allows the frothy bubbles of the shaken drink to come out (which are there if shaken hard enough), but these bubbles will be removed if the finished cocktail is strained through a fine strainer.

Swift989 says:

enjoyed the tips but dont understand why you didnt actually show the technique(s) for shaking two cocktails at once when that was the point of and name of the video.

Aaron Durrant says:

As soon as you smacked the hell out of that shaker to seal it and said “a little pressure” I immediately began to dislike this video.
But it didn’t stop there, you then used the word “crap” rather than inexperienced to describe many new bartenders. These are the sort of bartenders who are watching videos like this and becoming discouraged.
Not only that, the arrogance of banging two shakers together is something that many world class bartenders do NOT actually perform. Many venues in which these bartenders work are of high class and quite small. Banging in this manner is quite unpleasant to the customer sitting within earshot of this awful noise.

There are many many more problems with this video.

Patrick Bateman says:

Notice we don’t see it actually happen.  It’s just theory, and might as well have been a fuckin’ daydream.

Miquel Subirà says:

straight sealing is for dry shaking.

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