Irish People Try American Cocktails

“It does have a sandy, beachy quality to it”
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Behind the video :
In this video we called in to Bagots Hutton for a few sneaky American cocktails. The contributors were very impressed. We have to say the Americans have a lovely range of cocktails!

Credits :
To find out more about the cocktails from Bagots Hutton, click on the link below:

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You can view the contributors that featured in this video at:


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John Smith says:

Six jolly rogues stopped in a pub, all on a summer’s eve…

Flo Thüringer says:

Long Island Iced Tea need to be Done Good. Then it’s the Best Cocktail. Some mix it really Bad.
I Return and Complain over Bad LIIT . Because it’s Expensive and you Kind of Look Forward to this Drink and when it’s Done Bad you are very Disappointed….cause it’s a Good one and when People mix you some Shit you should Complain about it.
I have Done this, i Got a Bad one and it Kind of flipped me off cause when you Drink this Drink you Know you’re Out for Party and Fun.


Devin playlist 1 says:

where’s the goon juice and jungle juice. throw in some mini beers for the ladies or a slippery nipple.

Lyzzie K. says:

“New orleans is crazy” lol

Amethyst Heart says:

my dog is named Tequila

AnAverageAmerican says:

pisco looks like leon trosky

Christian Wiltz says:

Being from New Orleans, I can say drinking our drinks and not being from here is dangerous.

Brenton Rawhoof says:

I feel like other countries don”t like the American stuff that is loaded with artificial stuff. Seems like cocktails are one of the few areas that the artificial stuff hasn’t invaded yet so we did pretty well in this area haha

Courtney Wight says:

the American cocktails are so good cause during prohibition we had to learn to mix the rotgut with juices and other things just to be able to drink it and still get drunk its also why we have so many XD so something good came out of all that.

Leota Smith says:

they need to try a cowboy killer. shot of Jack,Jim,southern comfort and Yukon Jack,with a little Coke for color.


I need that blonde girl’s red lipstick shade in my life. NOW! And I don’t even wear lipstick that often but that colour? Yes, please.

theylied1776 says:

Long Island Ice Tea is deceptive. I don’t drink and I only had half of one and I was done for the rest of the afternoon. If it’s made properly you will not be able to taste the alcohol.

112steinway says:

The New Orleans Sazerac is considered to be America’s first cocktail. It’s made up of sugar, bitters, cognac, and absinthe…proving once and for all that early Americans were drunk as lords 80-90% of the time.

jodi cartrett says:

Singapore sling bebe

DScritchy says:

Long Islands are dangerous fucking territory. That shit will fuck you up so hard and fast you won’t even know it till your ass up in a trash can tossing your cookies. I had three once. It was fun for about two hours where upon it immediately progressed to the worst hangover I’d ever had… before I even went to sleep.

jodi cartrett says:

in my youth Long island ice tea got me lol

JoRoWi83 says:

Irish people try an “Irish Martini”

Cheapest beer possible with about 6 olives.

You’re welcome

MiCKi914 says:

This video is also known as “Irish Guys Manspreading.” LOL

Justin Lewis says:

Those 2 dudes came to get shitfaced lol

Manuel Landaverde says:

For all the stereotypes of the Irish they really can’t handle their alcohol

Danny Madison says:

Dermot and Ryan remind me of the old ladies in Saving Grace when they’re high in the shop hahahhaaha <3

Joanna Velez says:

They should have had a Hurricane or Sex on the Beach, just like the Long Island Iced Tea, they hardly taste like they have any alcohol so they sneak up on you.

warriorfight111 says:

My grandma grew up and lived most of her adult life in Brooklyn, so a Manhattan is the mainstay at most family gatherings.


Long island ice tea – – – “there cant be any alcohol in this, cause i’ll knock this back”

> Nexk minute

TenTonNuke says:

The music makes me thing I’m watching the intro to Saturday Night Live.

Chris Smalley says:

how can I meet the blonde with the braids and bright red lipstick ? id like to get here a green card …meow

Antonio Trew says:

Anything with alcohol is good..I’ll take my liquor straight,mixed, in jello shots,or body shots idgaf…Bring it on

Swift Section says:

The bird on the right is nuffffffff sexy. Well done facts for showcasing

the karnige says:

manhattens are the shit

R N. says:

What did the bartender say?

Eric Wiener says:

Pisco is magical

weedshoes says:

Is this the cosby show?

Todd Yonder says:

I love how the northern irish guy keeps breaking the forth wall.

Josephine Roe says:

Pretty sure it’s just a Manhattan, not really a New York Manhattan.

Stefan Rood says:

Everytime i hear of the ‘Long Island Iced tea” I have to think back to the moment of Shelbdon Cooper in ”The Big bang Theory”

edgar orellana says:

Those two girls though damn especially the one in black

Frederick Dominguez says:

flannel shirt = John Cusack?

Jum Black says:

Thats cool they got Leon Trotsky to be the bartender.

VampireMadonna says:

I had a Long Island Iced Tea once…on an empty stomach. Never again.
The sanfan pisco sour looks really refreshing though. Wouldn’t mind that.

darcy oliphant says:

i love these vids. and the sexy blonde pin up girl is smokin

Caturday Nite says:

Brandy! Wisconsin represent!

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