Jager Bomb, HOW-TO

The Jager Bomb, ever popular at the bar for such a simple “design.” But, weapos;re taste testing against Red Bull Sugar Free and Red Bull regular. Yeah, we go above and beyond for you!

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Regardless to, “nobody is going to care about what you just said, ” the tasting notes for this tend to be extreme acidity and citrus notes with hints of jagermeister flavor. Overall, a poor quality jagermeister focus that really brings just the carbonated Red Bull flavor to the table.

Question of the day: When was the last time you got too drunk?

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The recipe:
1/2 can Red Bull
1 oz. Jagermeister.


SinBeforeGod says:


gerardo ortega says:

Inception bomb some time in the future maybe?Could get you pretty drunk: )

Cozydabs710 says:

jager bombs are 100% better with monster… and thats coming from a guy who drinks ungodly amounts of redbull

cx019 says:

In Germany we call that Uboot (submarine) for obvious reasons. in most cases beer is used instead of filthy austrian sugar water. 😀

TheTermenate says:

when is doug coming back?

Charles Pwnage says:

hey have you done jager bomb? lmao

Henry Sandoval says:

I subscribed cuz of the guy in the left he just seems like a dope guy haha

Timothy Viner says:

That laugh though!

The Tech Man says:

I’m 20 I’ve already learned to pace myself. Lmfao.

BiteThis says:

drunk is when you wake up in the morning feeling like you need to go to church…

Aran Tutt says:

Replace the jager with contrieu and make skittle bombs instead 😉

rockbandwii61 says:

Jager bombs make me feel my heartbeat hard

Roxy Hall says:

i live jager bombs jager and jd are my life. jager bombs seriously do taste like cough syrup (not that bad of a thing tho) haha

YeePaa says:

You gotta do it with Battery!

Lois Jeater says:

I would love to see you CMC try smirnoff whipped cream vodka with orange juice and compare this recipe to pinnacle whipped cream to see which one tastes better.

matt harry says:

4 days ago, turn up!

adizzle p says:

I’m just fucking around sorry lol

shdwwolf992 says:

Artificial sweetner is worse for you than sugar. Aspartame poisoning is a real thing.

lasse karlsson says:

love jager hate red bull

Gun Slinger says:

I prefer to drink my jager bombs 1/2 & 1/2. So 8 oz Jager and 8 oz redbull. Then just pour shots or drink on ice

MrZaoxy says:

jager bombs are u like supposed to chugg them or can u sit and sip on them. im not a big drinker i just have beers when im at parties but when it was my birthday i got jagermeister from my friends and i really cant handle it. i dont mind the taste of it but its just too strong it makes me wanna puke and im not the best chugger so i wonder if i did this can i just sit and sip on it like a drink or is it something that u need to chugg or it goes bad if it sits still for awhile? 🙂 anyways great video! 🙂

FistFight01 says:

if you gonna get drunk fast you go with sugarfree. becuse it takes less time for the fake sugar to get in your system than real sugar. tastes worse though…

SoCal Gal says:

I agree, the metric system is difficult.
I have a difficult time with mL’s and cc’s….just say Oz’s!
Sugar free is better…but, if a person is doing Jager Bombs, they are hell-bent on getting blasted! Therefore, the sugar one would be better for the alcohol to be saturated into the blood stream!
Really drunk?…..umm, 4/19/84, drank a Magnum of Champagne by myself because my bf stood me up on my birthday! Needless to say….that relationship failed miserably,fast after that date.

Dimitris Hasalevris says:

What a nice way to be an alcoholic and get paid for it.

Luke Copeland says:

What you have to do (what i personally love) is to put like 3-5 shots of jager in a cup and then mix an 3/4 of a can of energy drink with it and it becomes a fantastic mixed drink!

Pedro Moreira says:

the guy on the left looks drunk before he began to drink xD

hand banana says:

Do the jager grenade

Chaz Hartwayne says:

8:50 still waiting 😉

TheJPJT1234 says:

I do these every night out, 4 at a time…

Zyrx says:

Why is it called the jager bomb?

Chris Moyer says:

Have you guys done a White Russian?



Ryan O'Neill says:

Doug are you from North Carolina, State or Carolina?

myaccountnameistaken says:

do more with different energy drinks pls

TheJusnic82 says:

if im out at a bar haha I do it the way you did it make it go BOOM, but if im at my house yeah I make sure the drop shots go in gingerly since I don’t a boom of a mess all over my counters and floor 🙂

Josh A says:

Jager goes down so easy and there is no burn after the shot

Drowzie Cerdaa says:

i highly recommend that you use monster energy drink instead it taste way more better than red bull give it a try please

Kethely Cardoso says:


MatthiasB97 says:

Try the u-boat it’s a glass of beer with a vodka shot in it it’s the same as a jäger bomb

Aaron Flatt says:

I drank 3 of these back to back on a casino boat. I was sooo tore up.

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