Jamie’s Classic Cocktails | The Negroni

This classic Italian Bombay Sapphire gin-based cocktail is so quick and easy to make at home. Infused with Martini bitters, vermouth and orange oils, it’s the perfect ‘aperitivo’ to impress your friends. Jamie shows you how to make it look sexy and taste awesome. Created in partnership with Bacardi.

What cocktails do you like to mix up at home? Let us know other classic mixes you’d like to see and we’ll get straight on it – Food Tube is here to help you!

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Have fun with your cocktails and please drink responsibly.



J. Romero says:

Actual recipe: 1 part CAMPARI, 1 part gin, 1 part red semi sweet vermouth, garnish with orange peel and add a few ice cubes. NOT THIS!

lifeopain2 says:

a jigger please..!

mikeyboy says:

dang when i have my restaurant in about 10-15 years im gonna get sell this!

Eric Hosford says:

this guy doesnt measure or use the right ingredients with a lot of his videos. just terrible.

Dummy Records says:

sin Campari?…jajaja you are crazy???

maemou says:

Hey Jamie, we like you a lot, but seriously why are you not responding to our question that everyone has asked you? A classic Negroni has CAMPARI -yes, we know Campari is better known as a liqueur, but is a bitter as well. Please respond – we really need to know your thoughts. With much respect your fans. Thank you –

Jnanesh WAR says:

don’t make cocktail if u don’t know HOW.

Martin Daniel says:

10 pounds of ice, one spoon of actual cocktail…
Never more than 3 ice cubes in a cocktail, except for the Long Island or tropical shit actually served at the tropics.

MrChickennnnn says:

Negroni – the worst tasting piece of shit to ever walk this Earth (no offence Jamie).

rwzal says:

Aghhhhhhh!! TOO MUCH ICE!! The original is ONLY with ONE ice cube !!!

Alec Flood says:

Where is the campari damn it!?

john Mwafrika says:

And that my friend is a Nigga’s DRINK!

GeneralBedoya16 says:

No Campari, no Negroni.

Daniele says:

1) bitter martini is real bad
2) gin has to be dry and bombs isn’t dry
3) that red Martini isn’t a vermouth anymore
4) you don’t squeeze the orange slice

AJ Chandler says:

Damn, that has to be the worst negroni I’ve ever seen.

Kelly van Dorst says:


ChrisMagoo99 says:

It’s like having a gin and tonic without tonic…you don’t just take away the defining ingredient

Luano Silva says:

Wrong way to make a negroni, need to put CAMPARI + Gin + Vermute Rosso. Negroni without Campari isn’t Negroni. Jamie didn’t measured the same quantity of each one. Put orange juice it’s a crime, only need to put a orange skin, squeeze it to stract the oil and aroma. Finally twist the orange skin and throw into it. Cheers from Brazil…

Adam Norell says:

I would guess the Martini Brand Bitters resemble Campari, though I’m not sure how well since I’ve never thought about getting it. I already have Campari and a few other amaros in my cabinet. The orange wedge is really not that weird, Dale Degroff does it too when it’s a busy night at the bar. I don’t really get where the hate is coming from. Are the Martini bitters that much worse than Campari?

Greg Smith says:

Jamie’s Food Tube And Jamie’s Drinks Tube were created in partnership with Bacardi, who produce Martini brand bitters. Campari is owned by a different company, Gruppo Campari, who also produce Skyy vodka and Aperol, among others. The Martini version is quite tasty, albeit not traditional.  Cheers!

Anime vice forums says:

absolutely barbaric recipe lol

-no campari
-grabs ice with bare hands
-stirrs with the back of a spoon

Xavier Fernández says:

Con los debidos respetos, podías haberte esmerado algo más en coger los hielos con las pinzas o con una pala, es un error muy grave de higiene y de formas. Aunque entiendo que te lo has preparado para ti, no es la mejor manera de exponer un vídeo de cómo preparar un cocktail a través de este portal. Ah! un negroni sin Campari no es lo mismo. Saludos!

gray area says:

is he drunk as a skunk?

Sebastian Tollius says:

He should just stick to cooking, Jamie Oliver makes a horrible bartender, I can’t take him serious when he doesnt even know how to properly pour and stir a cocktail. 

F33bs says:

Fucking garbage. How hard is it for a multimillionaire to whip some interns into buying 750ml of Campari so he can make an actual Negroni? Laziness.

Jonathan Edwards says:

I didn’t even know that Martini made a bitters in the style of Campari. Hmmmm….still think Campari wins in this cocktail. Too much ice as well. I do like the squeeze technique on the fruit though.

Dan Rockell says:

Just having one now, too bitter for me

Manhattan No bartender can get it right says:

I like Campari, haven’t tried any alternatives to it, but I get the gripe about the Negroni in this video not containing the original ingredients but remember its only a brand name,  these companies buy and sell each other left and right as well as change recipes, ingredients, methods, fire family employees ect. Tradition is an illusion that businesses bank on to make you a life customer. If Campari suits you, great,  but dont buy into the hype, I could speculate: there’s probably an obscure company out there making what was the original campari recipe when the Negroni was created and yet here could be current day Campari making not original product. Im not saying thats the case, just saying be an educated consumer and don’t get wraped up in brands.

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