Kraken Black Spiced Rum Review | Casual Style

Today we are doing a Kraken Spiced Rum review because so many of our fans love kraken spiced rum. This is a black rum, not too unlike other blackstrap rum but a bit overproof and not as sweet.

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Kraken Spiced Rum comes in at an affordable rate, usually mid $20 range and brings molasses and spices like clove, cinnamon, vanilla and others right to the forefront. I found Kraken Spiced Rum bringing lots of vanilla notes, no doubt from some charred white oak that’s helped sweeten up the flavor profile.

The black color could come through barrel aging, caramel color or even a bit from the use of dunder (the molasses “brew” used to distill rum), some companies will add a bit to the final product to darken and really kick up the molasses appeal.

Kraken Black Spiced Rum is pretty strong on brand loyalty and intensity, which I attribute to a successful marketing campaign aligned against the crazy kraken mythology around the rum itself.

The fancy Kraken Black Spiced Rum bottle lends itself to simplicity balanced against intrigue. While other brands try to get all crazy with designs and imagery, the folks at Kraken Black Spiced Rum keep it fairly simple utilizing a vintage bottle design with two thumb grips along with a neat little Kraken on the label.

It’s not that hot on the face considering the overproof nature of the product, but the light sweetness may counter balance it along side the use of our Norlan Glassware which helps accent the flavor and remove the ethanol nose; I suggest you pickup a set if you’re going to be nose deep in tastings like we are with Kraken Black Spiced Rum.

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Danny M says:

Kraken is my favorite dark rum, it isn’t too sweet like Captain Morgan Black. I love Kraken and Coke and I substitute it in for normal rum in quite a few things when I want to get a little more rum flavor in my drinks

Jonathan Leavitt says:

I really like this format for reviews a lot. I found CMC initially because I saw Kraken and wanted some reviews before buying it. I really liked the tasting video I saw so I bought some and really enjoyed it.
I like the Craft Cocktail series. I’m not a bartender and the recipes are easy to make and taste great.

Einhander49 says:

Love this rum in a painkiller and old fashioned.

cmazzullo says:

Nice review. It’s like CMC and Craft Cocktail had a baby.

Kevin Harold says:

That was awesome. Love it.

Chris Burrow says:

Are you suggesting they actually age this stuff? Surely it’s all coloring and flavors added.

Danth0ny says:

Personally, I’d post all your cocktail recipes, Common man or Craft, on this channel. I think you’d get the benefit of more views, and as a viewer/student bartender, it’s much easier to keep up with all the recipes on one central channel.

Zach Johnson says:

Picked up a bottle last week for $17.99. Great deal

Nick Labonte says:

Do the perfect storm cocktail review

rob512350 says:

I like the new casual review format. Curious, have you tried Papa’s Pilar rum yet, and what are your thoughts on it. I enjoy it, but I don’t think it is worth the price tag.

M Du says:

I like having craft cocktails mixed into the channel….. But everything is great… Like the reviews, like the history of cocktails, like the recipes. Keep it up

Prototype oZ says:

Derrick mail me a bottle of this stuff I love kraken

danieljdisanto says:

I think bringing CC over to CMC and having 1 day a week be “craft cocktail day” makes a lot of sense. I don’t think it’ll get too confusing if you continue to curate your playlists.

Kurtis Polishinski says:

Have you seen Bacardi Black? It’s interesting… I’d like to know how you break it down

Kevin Ortiz says:

I apologize if I sound like an idiot but does kraken taste good with jack daniels?

misthunter210 says:

Love this. I somehow missed the maker video. Hopefully this will become a common thing and I know how much I’ve suggested reviews. Hopefully this is some easy content to produce since you can cut down some of the edits (as long as someone’s not drilling in the background.)

NesQuik2258 says:

Is craft beers on your list to do? Either way I like the casual feel and great review. Liked and shared

Still It says:

Yep digging on the chill videos dude.

Dave G says:

94 proof at $19. This stuff works well on many levels. Thanks for the review.

Dont Panic Its Organic says:

i used to love Captain Morgan but ever since I’ve tried Kraken about 3 -4 years ago its been my favorite. and i wouldn’t consider Kraken spiced rum when i tried it i didn’t taste much of any flavor of spiced unlike Morgan. and i find that Kraken is a lot smoother of a rum. even though its a higher percentage of alcohol then Morgan’s its 10 times smoother and thats what I like. Kraken is just simply more delicious and better of a rum.

Spikes Productions says:

Yeah, I also group Kraken Black with other blackstrap rumsinstead of “traditional” spiced rums

JD Gatlin Jr says:

I like it a lot…. do you guys like the black label?? It’s 35%

Also the kraken in Mexico is 35% with the stock white label and it has wayyyyy more vanilla and is better then captain Morgan black which is my fvrt one here in the states

Jeremy Dinsmore says:

Kraken is very popular at my store. It’s (relatively and/or for Alaska) inexpensive, and high-ish proof.
I’m interested to hear that Boodles Gin is produced/imported by the same company. It’s an inexpensive go-to for me when I want gin. Plus it sits in my freezer pretty well because of the bottle’s weird, square shape.

John Minich says:

Make the perfect storm

tyler pfaffe says:

Love the causal review and I love Kraken rum!

Tom R says:

hehe, you said Crack 😉

aNightmaresRequiem says:

Ok, I’m officially calling this stuff Ass Kraken, because I drank it the other day and had the shits for the next 2 days. It tastes good at least and got me messed up… but man… It didn’t agree with my insides… or maybe I just drank too much.

Cinder Block Studios says:

Watching this while drinking Kraken

Also I like “The Craft Cocktail” channel, but I feel you made it too similar to CMC. Personally I’d say that all you need for that channel is the minute or so “arty” ending you have at the end of each video. Starting everything on TCC with “HEY WELCOME TO THE CRAFT COCKTAIL!” is just a rehashed version of this channel. Keeping both the channels and the styles separate I feel is an important idea moving forward. Plus it would be a lot less work to put out a 1:30 video than a 10 minute explanation on another channel IMHO.


I’m literally sitting down RIGHT NOW with a bottle of Kraken and a Bottle of CM Black. They are duking it out. Mixed with Vernors and a spritz of unsweetened lime juice. I can concur with what CMC has said in the past. If you want that alcohol ZING, a little more POP. CM Black. Is the way to go. It’s available most everywhere CM can be found. But if you want a little smoother. Not so bold but still a full flavor profile Kraken is the choice. They are very very close. A watered down CM Black cocktail will resemble one made with Kraken but there’s more flavor there with Kraken, so six and one half dozen to the other. Krakens bottle is kewl….gotta be said.

I have some Gosling’s here as well and the Kraken bears the most resemblence to Black Seal. IMHO. Which is my motivation in the first place. I want a dark and stormyesque drink with cheap and readily available ingredients. In my neck of the woods that translates to Vernors Ginger Soda and Kraken, which is a 40 min by car round trip away. Or a 10 min round trip walk down to the party store for CM Black.
Decisions decisions…….

Cassidy says:

Derrick great work as always!

Reid says:

I wanna get a bottle of Kraken. The problem is I’d be opening the floodgates to every other liquor I wanna buy…

Jeff H. says:

I’m liking the casual reviews. I remember you used to make videos like this years ago.

Hissatsu5 says:

I first bought this stuff because of the bottle and I was pleased with it .

Ampersand says:

Is it any good for Kraken open a cold one with the boys?

Harry Walker says:

jeez this channel still going?!!

Wrany Southard says:

I love this rum.

videosofthedammed says:

Can you review green island rum i find it quite nice it was recommended as a replacement for Rhum J.M both white rums as I couldent find it online or in off-licences

FN0337 says:

Less shouty CMC videos are best videos.

Peter Savage says:

These casual videos are great, but so are the shouty indoor ones! I’d love to see a ‘Perfect Storm’ cocktail video. Loving the vids Derrick, keep up the great work!

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