Let’s Settle This!! (SARB065 VS. Presage Cocktail Time)

Check out the watch on my wrist: https://amzn.to/2H4zYu3

Seiko SARB065 Cocktail Time: https://amzn.to/2IZXQLB

Seiko SARY082 Presage: https://amzn.to/2H6rdvo

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Tay Tzu Leong says:

I am kind of late to the party, got my SARB065 late last month and I say it is truly one gorgeous piece indeed and its my most accurate automatic watch on hand plus it is easy to regulate via positioning. A few weeks later I got myself a Presage Cocktail Time Starlight SRPC01J as I loved the blue dial it has. I am not really fond of the Cocktail Time Presage models with the Power Reserve indicator and the date dial at the bottom as to me it looks too busy. Overall, yes the SARB065 OG does take the crown from the movement to the dial itself. Just screaming the word CLASSIC!

Leo Bond says:

Too thick to be worn under the cuff; too ugly not to be worn under the cuff.

P Hanley says:

Agree with most here, SARY is too busy for the spirit of this watch. However, I always wished the 065 had sapphire instead of hardlex.

The Patriotic Nobody says:

Just ordered a SARB065. It’s coming from Japan. Can’t wait for it to get here! I think I get the blue one next. Saw one in person a couple months ago and its gorgeous!

fobudomh says:

What’s a cocktail time ?

eddie garcia says:

What band brand did you use on the sarb065. Picking this up as a gift and I wanted to use your setup. Thanks

OnTheRocks says:

Purchased the SARB065 for my first automatic because of your videos and I absolutely loves it! Thanks for the great content!

Simon says:

Prefer the 082.

Pierre Martin says:

I am a lefty………

Michael Reed says:

I LOVE my SARB065 as much now sa when I bought it. I have 12 or so Seikos and it gets regular wrist time. It is absolutely a thing of beauty.

Eflore says:

Does the sarb065 come with a blue or black second hand? Thanks.

Mauricio Torres says:

after watching your video I order the SARB065 for it clean and classic looks

mena seven says:

Beautiful Seiko watch.

Sylvain Paquette says:

I prefer the 082 and would use it more often. I will get one eventually.

glen wooten says:

Victor the Predictor says, two years or so seiko will re-release 065, and the 068 will become another Ford Edsel of history..

Indalecio Mendez says:

I just got the sarb065 and I love it, where did you get that mesh bracelet?

Rugby 36 says:

Just got the SSA343 yesterday, the ice blue dial looks so beautiful with amazing shiny hands. It is on the thick side at 14mm, but you will not really notice it, as it looks so cool. I like bigger watch, so this is fine by me.

Remlik says:

Prefer the subtle cosmetic updates in the new sary, but would own either one

2 Idiots says:

Really enjoy your content!

The Bird On Watches says:

065 is the superior overall. Albeit waaaay overpriced for a pretty dial imho.

Mark Thorpe says:

The original is the best,less is more in this case.I don’t like Power reserve indicators.

Robin L says:

If it aint no Maaaaaaaan on the f*@&ing moon its a shitter. I learned that from Archie.

Stamatis Levantis says:

Nice video I was able to get the white sarb77 for less than 250. What do you think about the sarb77 presage

Davitamon says:

Simple….. Buy a Turtle !!!

Kwenz Landah says:

This guy has a beard made of black wasps!

glen wooten says:

“No sir I don’t like it” The 082 that is…

re51tired says:

I prefer the SARY since it has both the date and reserve indicators – two musts for me.

Steven Leonard says:

I think the sary looks more masculine TBH..both are great watches but the new sary is a little more versatile and sporty looking.. I threw mine on a quality black NATO with polished hardware and now I can pull it off at a good BBQ

CamdenBloke says:

I have a technical question. I know on most wind-up watches and clocks you are not supposed to push the minute hand backward when setting the time. Is it ok to do so on this watch? I just ordered one and it comes in a few days from Japan.

YouGetSoAlone says:

065 – but I cannot afford the extra cost.

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