Liquid Marijuana Shot / Last Sunday Night Shooters

The Liquid Marijuana represents the last official Sunday Night Shooter episode before we move into our new schedule. Sure, we’ll no doubt do a shooter again in the future, but it won’t be a weekly series.

If there is no actual marijuana in this cocktail, why is it called the marijuana shot? The color my friend, the color.

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Liquid Marijuana Shot
– 1 oz. Spiced Rum
– 1 oz. Coconut Rum
– 1 oz. Midori
– 1 oz. Blue Curacao
– Splash of Sour Mix
– Splash of Pineapple Juice

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Drink Responsibly.


Sebastian Larsson says:


612Tiberius says:

Why not just make a whole batch and then pour into shot-glasses? Wouldn’t that be a lot easier, and faster?

Nemecross says:

I live in England and we don’t debate over the legalisation of marijuana over here. we debate about whether or not we should debate about legalising it, lol.

But personally, i think it should be allowed for medical purposes, but not be allowed for recreation.

Zacho Switch says:

Could’ve named this anything in the world but you pick marijuana

Vic Reece says:

In todays world, or at least in the bigger cities, it is unnecessary for someone to have DUI with mass transit,, Uber/Lyft, but there are stupid people that still think they are okay to drive


liquid marijuana’s a good shot it’s even better on weed LOL cool vid man

Nicolas Pallauf says:

am i the only one who felt smart because i already knew the shot-story? 😀

Connor OLeary says:

I had a Boston shaker freshman year. And it’s all thanks to this show.

Luke Mettam Gaming says:

I have a glitch that says the video is 611 minutes long

Spikes Productions says:

QOTD1: I can see multiple pros & cons to legalizing marijuana for recreational use, and I’m not sure I agree with one over the others.

QOTD2: I still either get a DD or I wait until I’m sober to drive; even when I’m totally pissed (which has only happened a couple times), I still have the clarity of mind to know my limitations.

Cryores says:

I remember your first ever few videos, you’ve come a long way :3

viperr007 says:

That’s a old school bottle of private stock

Johnathon Preston says:

hate to be that guy but, the origin of the word shot isn’t bullets.

Zach Strausbough says:

I hope one day we can do a meet and greet with you guys.

DJ Wrekk says:

its good to see Will Sasso getting work again …

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