Men Taste Test “Girly Drinks”

“It’s all about the shape of the glass…”

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Dezeray Hope says:

masculinity is fragile man. I don’t understand

Bryan Cardenas says:

Straight men are weak. Masculinity SO fragile

Yazmine Brown-salgado says:

Can viewers of this video go support a channel called The Chonga Girls?!.

Creeden Martell says:

The only problem with these drinks is they’re way too sweet.

N M says:

omg how fragile is their bloody masculinity! it’s just alcohol. the blonde hair guy is the worst

Joseph Valdez says:

I’m a guy that drinks Mikes Hard Lemonade but can enjoy Budweiser as well! Could careless what anyone says

SteveTheGummyWorm says:

masculinity is so fragile…

ichiro kondo says:

masculinity is so fragile

Kaitlyn Hammer says:


Jackie Reyes says:


Ri Ratiani says:

I’m a woman and I hate cocktail glasses mainly because they are uncomfortable to hold and have a high risk of spilling. I always ask if I can have my cocktail in a tumbler.

최수영 says:

i love this crew

Heisenberg101 says:

I would totally drink these, if they were in a whiskey glass or something, the problem ain’t the girly ‘drinks’ its those fancy glasses really

warjdani says:

His cheeks are getting so red

Charlie Durrant says:

wait, did you just assume that drinks gender?

sara_cat says:

The blonde guy was getting so red in the face haha

Daisy Squires says:

Stop being so embarrassed by the shape of a glass! Tastes good? Order it! The only person judging you is yourseld

sara_cat says:

The blonde guy was getting so red in the face haha

maddi w says:

lmao this is hilarious and kind of pathetic

Andrew Li says:

If the black guy doesn’t know these rules, then they’re probably white people rules.

Brock Tate says:

If you go to any big college bar, 80% of the people in there order these drinks. Including men

Liv Marie says:

masculinity is so fragile

j says:

Fragile males make me laugh

Junkerhead says:

James Bond loved Martinis. He’s a manly movie character that drank out of a “girly” glass, I think men in general need to get more comfortable with their sexuality.

Juliana Arias says:

Masculinity so fragile

erw er says:

Sex on the beach is a girly drink ?!

Jerry Holland says:

This is tasty as ….. Shit?!?!
I think you just mangled a superlative there!

twentyone crybabys panic at the parade brendonxryan says:

black is so fiiinnneee along with the guy with the beard

Maple Hetalia says:

before buzzfeed went terrible with the feminist stuff

Emma says:

everybody is talking about the black guy because he’s confident and secure in his masculinity and that’s hot

NarutoBaby94 says:

This is why things and activities should NEVER be gender labeled. Because individuals of either gender miss out on things/ activities they would LOVE.
This right here: PRIME example of Suppression of the American Male.

Random Codename says:

Black guy is attractive, ten times moreso than just his appearance because his masculinity isn’t so fragile by something like a drink.

Adjoa Aikins says:

They forgot pina colada. To me that’s the girliest drink

Emily Anne says:

i love corey so much i just wanna kiss his cheek

Corey says:

I don’t give a damn what anyone thinks at a bar. If I’m thirsty and it tastes good, I’m ordering it.

Zamora Margaux says:

my girly drink :
*water with ice in wine glass*

shimoshifu11 says:

I dont know whats going on in america but both my parents drink beer and cocktails. There is no pressure in europe I dont think

Peter b says:

I have no problem ordering these “girly” drinks, I don’t see what is unmanly about fruity drinks. I am 6′ 230 pound lumberjack looking guy I don’t think the sugar bear or bahama mama daiquiri is going to make me look any less burly. What 20-30 year old guy can truthfully say they prefer scotch.

Fernando Batlle says:

I left when he said he likes IPA

chicken skink says:

life is too short to care about whether your drink is “manly” or “girly” or whatever. honestly, just do you

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