[MM2017] Vocktail: A Virtual Cocktail for Pairing Digital Taste, Smell, and Color Sensations

[ACM Multimedia 2017] Vocktail: A Virtual Cocktail for Pairing Digital Taste, Smell, and Color Sensations

Similar to the concept of a cocktail or mocktail, we present Vocktail (a.k.a. Virtual Cocktail) – an interactive drinking utensil that digitally simulates multisensory flavor experiences. The Vocktail system utilizes three common sensory modalities, taste, smell, and visual (color), to create virtual flavors and augment the existing flavors of a beverage. The system is coupled with a mobile application that enables users to create customized virtual flavor sensations by configuring each of the stimuli via Bluetooth. The system consists of a cocktail glass that is seamlessly fused into a 3D printed structure, which holds the electronic control module, three scent cartridges, and three micro air-pumps. When a user drinks from the system, the visual (RGB light projected on the beverage), taste (electrical stimulation at the tip of the tongue), and smell stimuli (emitted by micro air-pumps) are combined to create a virtual flavor sensation, thus altering the flavor of the beverage. In summary, this paper discusses 1) technical details of the Vocktail system and 2) user experiments that investigate the influences of these multimodal stimuli on the perception of virtual flavors in terms of five primary tastes (i.e. salty, sweet, bitter, sour, and umami). Our results suggest that the combination of these stimuli delivers richer flavor experiences, as compared to separately simulating individual modalities, and indicates that the types of pairings that can be formed between smell and electric taste stimuli.


Дмитрий Сурков says:

Жду когда эти бокалы скопируют китайцы,а потом их взломают и вместо вина будет вкус мочи,дерьма или что тас хакеры придумают чтоб над людьми порофлить

Bsap Windows says:

I need a device that simulates coke but what I’m really drinking is water.

Cool Head says:

потихоньку погружаемся в ёбаную матрицу сука!

blueearth5000 says:

i want to buy this ! When is this on sale in public ?

イブキ村雨型宇宙巡洋艦 says:


Quang lưu duy says:


Chaya Cooper says:

If this could work with other flavors too it would make dieting a piece of cake 🙂

77 yokuyoku says:


Elaine Sue says:

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gods therapist says:

А что будет если туда залить мочу? Кто пробовал?

12458 SSE says:

What frequency do you drive the electrode at? Can you feel the current flowing through?

slashingraven says:

This has the air of a Kickstarter scam.

Roiben Blitz says:

This starts off with a stupid fucking question – the answer is: make your own, moron.

Jan Vojtěchovský says:

Hi! I’m Jan from video desk of iDNES.cz, Czech online news service. We would love to use this video in our media player on our website, naturally crediting you as source. Please, let me know at jan.vojtechovsky@idnes.cz if that would be possible. Best, Jan Vojtěchovský

mahaon44678 says:

ждем,когда спиратят китайцы))закажу на али))

Manick N says:

If this really works its amazing.

Vickram Mangon says:

Bhai excellent superb genieus ab jaldi se launch karo bas ab der mat karo you will become richest man in the world this technology will give diabetes and other people that can not use sugars a second chance to enjoy life, thanks hope you and your team will carry the good work, salute

Money Maker says:


Olivia Cullen says:

I wish I could try this!

PoProstuPiotr says:

*I want this sh*t!! :)*

すずはる says:


D0C L0XVI0 says:

Beware of corporations. Coca-cola or Pepsi will not let you go far with this.

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