Molotov Cocktail in Slow Motion – The Slow Mo Guys

Best served in HD with headphones! Gav and Dan show you the beauty of fire at 100x slow motion… by throwing a petrol bomb at the side of a house. Don’t do this yourself… you would be an idiot.

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Shot at 2500fps with a Phantom Flex
Molotov Cocktail in slow motion – The Slow Mo Guys


Nishad More says:

Who is here after pubg ?

NatanTheFredka says:

It means games creators are good in making fire graphic


Putting off Molotov cocktail with water? IMPRESSIVE

The meteroids says:

Who came here after pubg?

HarshIT Dayal says:

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Topias H says:


Hyperion says:

Why always testing on walls….

T3.O1F5 says:

So all the ussr needed was a hose

Savaş Özgür says:

It looks like big bang.

Zaid Liyakat says:

2019 anyone ???
Because of PUBG …

KMR๛ Ayan says:

Any pubg player

KartoffelKebab says:


BASIC says:


Abhi 739 says:


Yash Wankhede says:

Watch this in 0.25x

Saif Parker says:


parth mantri says:

this guy looks like a young Fallen

shifal shetty says:

Any pubg fans?

Harshal Vlogs says:


Shuva Rocker says:

As* whole

VapoRider says:

Ein Drittel Heizöl, zwei Drittel Benzin
Wie ’68 in Westberlin
Diese Mischung ist wirkungsvoll
Diese Mischung knallt ganz toll
Wir wollen keine Bullenschweine
~ Slime

Sing Ji Mundeer says:

canu see a loin in 2:29

smallstream. says:

Can we get summit1g’s in the chat

(if you get this joke ur jesus)

amrit kumar says:

It looks like it’s opening a portal

Jelsin says:

Watching this Video after 7 years. Lol (pubg)

Lakshya 18 says:

Your video got popular coz of Pubg

M Bilal Butt says:

Who came here after pubg

abul hasan says:

Pubg fan boys where you at

Valera Bivis says:

Тупа лике

pocari swag says:

When your friend have 8x scope

nothing kayo says:

The Vietnamese invented it in the Vietnam War.

MAD Gamer says:


ZxjefexZ ll says:

For that Reason i love the fire when i have the control of him

Mehdi Mhimer says:

Am I the only one who saw some faces on the fire

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