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Hi everyone, this week as promised We will show you something very special: The non-alcohol rainbow drink. Rainbow Drink is basically very easy to make but you need to be careful when pour the sustain as well, since rainbow drink is layered by different colour it is basically the magic of science : density. In order to make this drink we’ll need :

-orange juice ( with pulp or without up to you)
-strawberry syrup ( or any other syrup that coloured red )
-soda and blue food colouring ( don’t worry it is super safe because both of them is edible and it won’t effect your digestive system or cause any type of food poison. I use soda rather than sprite or other drink because soda is no sugar added and it lighter than orange juice and it’s property is mainly just like water except the fact that it is fizzy, it will make the taste even better than water. I haven’t try to use sprite or Kool aid but if you do try please let me know whether it works or not because I really love to see your comment and feedback

How to do:

first pour the orange juice into the glass then carefully add strawberry syrup, I use a spoon to help me with this, and the syrup will sink to the bottom of the glass by itself just make sure your pour it by side not in the middle because it can effect the result by make the orange juice turn orange not yellow,

and prepare your blue soda by pour your soda into a container and dip a toothpick to the blue food colouring and then to the soda you will get the colour that you love.

and very slowly use a spoon to help you pour the blue soda to the mixture. This part is very tricky but don’t worry you just need a little practice and patient and then you will have the most beautiful rainbow drink ready for your party and fun time.

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Artist: http://audionautix.com/

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Random Vlogger Girl says:

will it even taste good ?

the timeladytardis says:

i did this but i didnt under stand what she meant by strawberry syrup, like the one for icecream? but i bought that kind and i bought strawberry dackeri mix, i recommend that instead cuz its more fancy and it taste better. In all its a good drink. Instead of club soda does anyone know a better sollution cuz club soda is nasty?

Vaibhav Garg says:


wafda aghnia says:

too sweet… yuck

Eby Andika says:

I have try it, but unsuccess, the blue colour too fast mixing with orange juice, can you help me? and how I can put ice cube to this drink?

Kailyn Landgraf says:


Nico Maramag says:

Can you use different type of syrup and any food coloring and soda water

EddyCa says:

How do you make sure that your green and blue do not combine?

Hbk gaming says:

I don’t love you you gay pedo

Sydney Sosong says:

OMG u are sooooooooo cooooooool and smaaaaaart

obed morales says:

can you use mineral water instead of soda

Bubble Cap says:

Awesome video, great colors! 😛

David Stamper says:

it didn’t work for me

Aaliyah Blackman says:

i saw a ant

Saravanan VADIVELOO says:

how do it will taste?

Donraj Mann says:

how do you find out density

Serina Butar says:

can i know what is the ingredients,please.i want to know it

Nazurah Afifah says:

if we use to make this in bikar . Does it work ?

Kimora Manson says:

I can do that. I hate to see this

HBK Gaming says:

lovely penis

Sartaj Sk says:


Jada Frazier says:

Who saw the bug on the table

Nomlando Ngubane says:

can you add ice to this?

Joy Smith says:


general550 says:

Can you get the blue color without food coloring?

Lily Hughes says:

Are there any alternatives to the orange juice

saba kamal says:

if soda water not availebel then what shuld we use in altenate of soda!

Myuuki 3 says:

😀 so cool

Udut Arsha says:

Love your voice :*

Elley's World says:

I used to drink these as a kid all the time my aunt and uncle own a biker bar and they lived up top of the bar and when i used to stay with them my cusin and i used sneak downstairs and get the bartenders to make the rainbow drinks for us, we would grab our our rainbow drinks and fries and run upstairs before we got caught because at night we werent allowed downstairs because it got to rowdy but we craved those rainbow drinks lol

Organic Air says:

Thanks Beemo!

Nazurah Afifah says:

if we use to make this in bikar . Does it work ?

owen being stupid and funny says:

yes it does not matter

crystal soh says:

will i just mix blue food coloring in soda like 7up ?

Zachary June says:


Sartaj Sk says:


Bill Nice-stutters-misses georgie says:

I have a wine glass and I’m 11 I don’t legit drink wine

Jazmine.gaming Hernandez says:

what is the red part?

Lucia Bell says:

this don’t work

KKK Karandeep Kaur Korner says:

What did she putted in orange juice. Its not clearly audible

Mat S says:


Hullio Giustiray says:

how about the taste when you mix them together ?
i make it one but, it taste to sweet maybe because sprite/pepsi blue.

soumya verma says:

just tried it it’s BOSS….

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