Sex on the Beach Cocktail Recipe

How to make a Sex on the Beach
The perfect summer cocktail. The sweetness from the peach liqueur combined with the tartness from the cranberry juice makes for a refreshing beverage.

See full recipe:

– 45mL Vodka
– 15mL Peach Liqueur
– 45mL Fresh Orange Juice
– 45mL Fresh Cranberry Juice

1. Fill your cocktail glass with ice
2. Add all the ingredients
3. Garnish with a skewered maraschino cherry and orange slice

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Jaime Ann Graham says:

Well, I think I’ve just found my new favourite channels. This is awesome!

Musica Essenza says:

Trully inspiring videos for people who’s starting with bartending, exactly and very well explenations, keep good working! 🙂
I will start with my cocktail bar this summer! 🙂
What is Your opinion about Old Pascas white rum? I read it’s very good, and it’s cheaper than Bacardi or Captain Morgan?

Shan Parker says:

Poor student who can only afford on alcohol at a time lol. Regardless still here.

Ana Ladu says:

Awesome thank you

Flame Power says:

Why do you never stir or shake your cocktails??


fuck ur sex wife on the beach chutiys

Great man 24 says:

all thid time i was making sex on the beach…..

Amany George says:

I can’t find the cranberry juice in my country

Garlic Girl says:

Oh the college days!

think panzer says:

my priority is sex on the bed

sutirtha das says:

Basically screwdriver for girls

vihari nandu says:

What happened at the end.. did his balls drop bcoz of making sex on a beach???

Patrick Aboujaoude says:

lol not a sex on the beach

Brian Williams says:

Damn, easy on the ice buddy. Less ice, little more vodka. We tryna make this a fuck on the beach

Ali Amran Junior says:

Hi steve i have a question, why you mix orange and cranberry in this cocktail? Why you dont put pineapple and cranberry?

Devoin says:

Tonka where u at

g says:

That was not a gentle layering effect?!?

Nasheeda Roberts says:

i like him. he’s funny especially to the end when he drops the orange that’s cute

bella solid says:

Vodka,peach,orange and cranberry? I my correct sir???

mark question says:

Can i use rum instead of vodka??

오레키호타로 says:

Hello! Love from south korea!

Isuru Sri says:

Some barman add dash of Grenadian syrup, is it wrong or not?

Charlie Wheadon says:

Mate you need a new table

Kshitij Kumar says:

Sex on the byatch lol nice video though

mxyo says:

cool and calm guy u got my sub fam!

julia louk says:

I appreciate you showing us that because here in the US it’s very popular. And I don’t know what’s a lot of people order that at the bar here but I know you can go to a convenience store and get sex on the beach already made in a Can-Am blue motorcycles to like that that’s already made

Momo D'FrogzZ says:

Pls if you do classical cocktail do it in classical way and when you teach others make sure you do it like a pro not like a guy from the street doing a mixed drink for the first time in his life . I hope no one else does this cocktail like you only the ingredients and their parts are correct.

Bravo Rooney says:

Can I use any type orange juice brand??? Like Tropicana, Minute maid, langers or Simply orange. can I use them all for this drink??

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