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Today lets focus on some speed pouring techniques and how-to, specifically is it worth the “time” to pour with speed over accuracy. Serving cocktails quicker equals more money, taking your time may make a better drink but if it takes you two times as long it may not meet the requirements for the business.

At home, speed pouring is probably just for fun and to show off with friends. But, there are some advantages and some disadvantages to speed pouring, which we talk about here as well as the hardware you’ll need.

We practice with vodka, but you may want to practice with water to save money. You can 4-count pour, 6-count pour or do as I do, bubble 2, 3, 4 pour. Or, 1-and-2-and-3-and-four pour.
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Dave G says:

No internet for 3 days and it could die again anytime soon. Thanks for the work.

Michael King says:

Is that Rumsons I see back there?! Awesomme to see those guys getting some love.

Marlon Paredes says:

Been meaning to ask, where do you get your custom serving mat?

alpha beta says:


treksez says:

good stuff, keep it up

Pork chops and apple sauce says:

Still tryna figure out how bubble 2 3 4 is different from bubble 1 2 3. Maybe just maybe you were actually just counting faster 😀

Team Shmo says:

You look exactly like a less haired version of Rob Schneider

Morningstar says:

So we can use this pourer as a cap instead of its own cap? It wont evaporate right?

Yyyyle says:

Awesome video. I really like these “The More You Know” episodes

thefirespectrum says:

I don’t use these for cocktails, but I keep my cooking oils in liquor bottles with a speed pour.They are super convenient for drizzling over food or a pan, and for quick estimation in recipes where the exact amount of oil isn’t critical.

texaschizophrenic says:

Hi Derrick! Love the shows and all your content, including the quests you have! Keep it up! Would love to see a bio episode about yourself and why the bar life fascinates you so much! Thanks!

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